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Six Countries People Are Traveling (and Moving) to in 2019

As the cost of living in developed countries continues to sky-rocket, more and more stress infiltrates the day-to-day lives of their residents. Here in Australia specifically, components such as inflation, wage pressure, and a gap in skills are all applying undue pressure to many residents, leading to them questioning how they can save money, plan for retirement, and generally enjoy life. Many people around the world love to either splurge on global travel or even holiday homes in their retirement; elderly folk love their vacations after all.

For many, a holiday trip to a new country can feel like a rare occurrence. There are certainly substantial costs for Australians to travel to new and exciting places given the need for airfare to travel virtually anywhere. In that case, it results easier and less expensive to have a vacation within the country and book accommodation that is more within your budget limits (you can try out Lantern Apartments).

Many travelers on holiday are discovering that there is more to enjoy in some countries than a simple excursion from home. Due to lower living costs, friendly cultures and new environments to explore, an increasing number of Australians are travelling and ultimately moving to new countries to take advantage of the situation.

As such, let’s look at six countries in particular that are attracting travellers and permanent residents alike in 2019.

New Zealand

One of the closest countries to Australia, New Zealand, is a prime destination for those seeking a holiday away from home. This beautiful and picturesque island nation may be a fraction of the size of Australia, but there is much to see and do while staying here. From skiing and hiking to surfing and shopping, New Zealand provides those visiting with a welcome atmosphere and plenty of unique activities.

Likewise, thousands of Australians choose every single year to relocate to this island nation. Its relatively lower cost of living and more secluded landscapes are very appealing for individuals of all ages. If you are looking for more information about what it takes to purchase a home in New Zealand and how to formally move there, click to find out more.

Costa Rica

Long known as a veritable paradise, Costa Rica is a tiny, peaceful and tropical locale that people from all over The world travel to every single year. Despite its decidedly Latin feel, the nation of Costa Rica has long enjoyed connections with the United States; much of the population here speaks English and the nation itself feels more like a commonwealth of the US than many neighboring nations.

People from Australia and beyond who visit Costa Rica are also tempted to arrange more permanent accommodations. Thanks to its cost of living being roughly two-thirds of what exists in Australia, many people find this nation to be the ideal retirement destination. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous rain forests or vibrant beaches and night-life, visiting Costa Rica is popular for good reason.


For those seeking a beautiful, low-cost holiday that is relatively close to Australia, Thailand provides a world of Benefits. This beautiful tropical nation has long been known as one of the friendliest cultures in the world, the country’s capital Bangkok offers a thriving metropolis with busy streets and something to explore around every corner.

Travellers who are looking to move to Thailand on a more permanent basis will be pleased to know that the cost of living is roughly half of Australia’s; in many places, you can live a middle-class lifestyle for around $750 per month. For those who prefer more isolated and rural environments, the northern part of the country offers that in spades and an even lower cost of living.

South Korea

Arguably one of Asia’s biggest success stories, the development of South Korea over the past few decades puts most other countries to shame. Moving from a simple agrarian economy to one of the world’s most advanced countries, this technologically-advanced nation has everything that one could hope for in both modern life and Asian culture. From beautiful beaches to densely populated cities, South Korea has a taste of something for everybody.

Moving to South Korea isn’t as much of a culture shock as some might think: roughly half of its population speak English. While it might be a bit of an adjustment to get used to the food and drink, housing prices are comparable here to Australia making it a lateral move of sorts to relocate.


Consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world in terms of standard of living and quality of life, Singapore attracts people from all cultures and regions. This tiny city-state is well-known as being a beacon of order; from its super-clean streets to its strict legal system, Singapore might not be for everybody, but some find it to be absolutely enchanting.

Largely urban and modern, Singapore isn’t a cheap nation in which to live. Many Australians may find that it costs more to live there than where they do currently, but there are many perks. With excellent schools, escalating home values and high salaries, English speakers, in particular, can find many opportunities and benefits when choosing this as their next home. Schools such as stamford american international school offer exciting educational opportunities for international residents, especially English speakers.


Last but not least, those who are seeking an adventure on the other side of the world have to consider Canada for their next holiday. With a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy throughout every season, there is no wrong time to travel to Canada. Its spectacular natural beauty makes it a prime destination for people from all over the world, but it’s also a proverbial melting pot with a plethora of cultures to enjoy.

Compared to many other countries, moving to Canada (at least from Australia) is relatively easy. With a comparable cost of living, there won’t be an income shock for those seeking to convert their initial holidays into more permanent arrangements. However, adjusting to the climate may prove to be a bit more difficult.

Some countries are great choices for an occasional holiday. Others offer more than that the six nations on this list are just some of the choices that can serve both purposes for travelers in 2019. With a variety of different choices to consider, all you need to do is figure out which countries you’d like to visit (or live in) next!

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