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Protect Yourself While Out & About With The IQAir Face Mask! @IQAir

It is no secret to anyone that knows me and that visits this blog regularly, that I absolutely love and adore IQAir and their amazing products designed to ensure that the air we breathe is the cleanest that it can be. I have shared my love for their air purifiers designed to remove particles in the air down to .003 microns and that means particles 10X smaller than a virus! This is due to IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration which means everything to me in this day and age that we live in, especially with this never-ending pandemic. I will do anything that I can to ensure that my family and I are safe and it’s the reason that I jumped at the chance give their line of Face Masks a try as their air purifiers are the best and I know their face masks will be equally so. Let’s take a look at why IQAir’s Face Masks are the only face masks for me and my family going forward…..


The IQAir Face Mask is a KN95/FFP2 mask designed to be worn to stop viruses, bacteria and particles from coming through to infect you and due to its ingenious design, you can rest assured it is leak proof and nothing will be getting through. The IQAir Mask utilizes SoftSeal technology that uses a specialized sealant material to gently and firmly conform to your face shape. I have not seen any other mask like theirs and this amazing design is what prevents any polluted air from leaking in, eliminating unsightly pressure marks on your face, releasing uncomfortable condensation from sweat while wearing it, and to help eliminate fogging-up of glasses or goggles.



The IQAir Face Mask is designed and engineered to capture air pollution and airborne contaminants. Think viruses, bacteria, wildfire smoke, PM2.5, and even Ultrafine particles. They provide airborne protection at its finest and they do this by utilizing the KN95/FFP2 respiration technology used to filter harmful particulate matter. Rest assured that when you use an IQAir Mask, you are shielding your body from systemic harm.


It’s important to wear the IQAir Mask properly to receive the protection it provides. To properly wear it you need to pull the straps around the sides of your head behind each ear, then link them together with the hook. Press gently on the front of the mask and exhale to make sure no breath escapes through the SoftSeal. Once you do this you get the best of protection while out and about.


*Multi-Layer Protection

IQAir Face Masks

*Soft Seal Air Leakage Protection


*3D Filter Dome Technology

IQAir Face Masks

*QuickStrap Design


The IQAir face mask personal protective equipment exceeds stringent international filtration standards at 95% ≥ 0.3 microns. It helps to protect against airborne viruses as well as dangerous particles like PM2.5, PM1, ultrafine particles, and wildfire smoke! It has a 5 year shelf life and even comes with a handy carry case which I love. They are available for adults and children and are the only face masks you and your family will need.


So what do you think of the IQAir Face Masks? Are you worried about the air you are breathing in while out and about in public? If so… there is no better protection than these IQAir Face Masks! Check them out online today and stock your home with these masks so that you and your family are protected anytime that you go out and about. Your family is precious and your can properly protect them now… thanks to IQAir!


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