Simple Ways to Make Your Gut Healthy

Gut health is important as it can impact the digestion and elimination of the food. Many factors like diet, sleep, lifestyle, stress, and medications can affect the health of the gut. Here are some ways to heal and promote digestive health naturally: 

Consume High-Fibre Foods

One of the ways of improving gut health is to ease the process of digestion. To help with that and also to boost the functioning of the digestive system fiber in food is essential. Moreover, having a diet that is rich in fiber can reduce the chances of colon cancer and also alleviate the symptoms of gallstones and irritable bowel syndrome. It can also provide relief from the symptoms of constipation. Consuming a balanced diet with a variety of whole-foods is necessary for good digestive health.

Many groups of foods contain high quantities of fiber and hence easy to include in your diet. Fruits like peach, pears, avocado, strawberries, bananas, oranges, plums and cherries contain fiber. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale and other veggies like broccoli, corn, peas, okra, green beans, Brussels sprouts, celery, and squash have a good amount of fiber. Legumes, nuts and whole grains like quinoa, oatmeal and grape nuts are other groups of high-fiber foods. 

Probiotics And Prebiotics

The digestive system contains good and bad bacteria and there is a fine balance between them which keeps it in good health. When this balance is upset (more bad bacteria than good bacteria) it leads to various problems including improper bowel function. The good bacteria that live in the stomach play a crucial role in the overall functioning of the digestive system and also the prevention of harmful bacteria from taking over. These good bacteria called probiotics, apart from boosting the functioning of the gut also aids in the absorption of nutrients, removing toxins, fighting infections and regulating metabolism.

To ensure that the gut has enough of the good bacteria, probiotics can be consumed in the form of fermented foods like yogurt, tempeh. Kefir, miso, and sauerkraut. 

Prebiotics are another important component that is necessary for the gut. It is a type of indigestible fiber that feeds the probiotics. According to KarenThrelkelND.com, these are soluble fiber and it is recommended for holistic health. They help the good bacteria in the large intestine, promote bowel functioning and boost the gut flora. Additionally, when the good bacteria eat the fiber contained in the prebiotics, fatty acids are released which prevents disease-causing pathogens.  

Consume Anti-inflammatory Foods

Refined carbs, processed foods, and sugar lead to inflammation in the body and hence it is best to have a diet that is anti-inflammatory. Almost all of the anti-inflammatory foods are rich in vitamins and minerals which makes it good for overall health. Carrots, for example, is a good vegetable for digestive health as it boosts metabolism, reduces constipation, decreases inflammation and also promotes healthy skin and eyes. It contains iron, potassium, fiber and Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K. Banana is a fruit that soothes inflammation and also nourishes the digestive system. They are rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Kiwi Fruit is also considered a natural remedy for constipation and also heals the GI tract. It is rich in soluble fiber and vitamin C. 

Drink Green Juice

As mentioned earlier, green leafy vegetables are rich in fiber. It is also rich in phytonutrients and helps in healing, nourishing and cleansing the body. Apart from detoxifying the body, it also reduces the side effects of digestion like body odor and bad breath due to the presence of chlorophyll which is a natural cleanser. If consuming it as a vegetable is tough for you, make a green smoothie adding spices or natural sweeteners like honey. 

Use Collagen

Collagen contains amino acids which are useful in digestion and maintaining a healthy gut barrier. It is rich in glycine and glutamine which heals the GI tract and reduces inflammation. Bone broth is one of the best ways to consume collagen and can be prepared from poultry, grass-fed meat or fish. This food is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium and hence good for the overall health. 

Drink Herbal Tea

Herbal tea like lemon, ginger or green tea has a wonderful relaxing effect on the gut. It relieves bloating due to acid reflux. It also helps the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine. Reduces any discomfort that is caused after eating and also stimulates the production of bile and other gastric enzymes. 

Gut health is determined by the food you consume. Conscious eating by including the above-mentioned foods can ensure that the gut is healthy and functions properly. 

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