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Make Your Your Child’s Easter Basket Extra Special With Bunny Slippers from!

I absolutely love Spring and all that the season brings with as it finally means that Winter is officially over and the nicer weather is here to stay and with that comes one of my favorite Holidays… Easter! I absolutely love getting my kids involved too via decorating Easter Eggs and baking homemade goodies to enjoy with family and friends but the festive fun does not stop there. I personally love the behind the scenes things that I get to do to prepare for this beautiful holiday such as building the perfect Easter Baskets for my kids and loading them with not only a bit of candy but also some non-candy items too. This year I decided to add adorable Bunny Slippers to my kids Easter Baskets and make them the star of the show as what is cuter than adorable bunnies!? Seriously…. they are not just cute slippers but Bunnies to boot and they are perfection for adding that perfect personalized touch to any Easter basket you throw their way. My go to for the perfect pair of Bunny Slippers is and not only do they carry various styles of bunny slippers to choose from but they also carry animal slippers of all varieties and sizes too. Take a look at this quick video showcasing these adorable slippers….

They are the perfect Easter Basket addition right!? I cannot wait to see my kids faces when they receive these slippers for Easter in addition to their Easter Basket. They are going to be so surprised for sure. Now…. let’s take a look at the pairs of Bunny Slippers I received from and why they are the perfect fit for your child’s Easter Basket too!

Classic Bunny Slippers™

I received the Classic Bunny Slippers for my oldest daughter and they are the perfect addition to any Easter Basket…..whether boy or girl and they are a staff favorite too! These are hands down the cutest of bunny slippers that I have ever seen and they are exceptionally comfortable too.

Are they not the cutest!? Well not only are the totally adorable but these Classic Bunny Slippers are built to be amazing comfortable too. The gang at overstuffed these adorable slippers for comfort and comfortable they are as they feel like you are walking on a cloud. I also have to point out that these adorable Bunny Slippers feature wireframe adjustable ears which allow you to position them and make them look amazing plus they feature bouncing whiskers and distinctive pink detailing which add those special touches to make them a standout. These are seriously the cutest Bunny Slippers I have ever seen and I am loving them.

These Classic Bunny Slippers come in a wide range of sizes so that you can get a pair for everyone in your household too. They are even available in kids’ sizes which make them perfection for adding to your kids Easter Basket this Spring.

Kids Bunny Critter Slippers

I chose the Kids Bunny Critter Slippers for my youngest and I have to tell you that these are super cute too! They are a full slippers so that Scarlet’s whole foot sits inside of them comfortably and I cannot wait to see the look on her face when she finds them in her Easter Basket this year. I have to stress how adorable that are and how they make for the perfect bunny slipper for li’l feet and they are the cutest thing on too.

The Kids Bunny Critter Slippers are fun and cozy footwear that comes complete with long rabbit ears, adorable brown eyes, and beautifully embroidered noses, whiskers, and smiles plus they are a super soft white plush that has a swirly texture to make these slippers extra snuggly and comfortable.

I love the design of these slippers as they cover the entire foot and literally cradle your little ones feet. They are made to be extra fluffy and since they cover the entire foot, you little one will be able to dance, play, stomp and bunny hop as much as they want to and with no issues at all! They are built with soft foam footbeds and non-slip grips on the soles which are perfection too.

The Kids Bunny Critter Slippers are viable in three sizes… X-Small which fits Toddlers sizes 5 – 8, Small which fits Toddlers sizes 9 – 12 and Medium which fits Kids sizes 13 – 3!

So what do you think of these adorable Bunny Slippers from!? Are they not the most adorable of slippers you have seen?! We love them and your little one will be delighted to get a pair in their Easter Basket too so check out today and grab your pair while supples last. They also carry all kinds of animals too… Pigs which are super cute, Fuzzy Lambs, Fuzzy Koalas, Unicorns and so much more! Check out today and grab a few pairs for the whole gang and make sure to check them out on social media too!


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