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A Few Simple and Delicious Indian Foods

A Few Simple and Delicious Indian Foods


India is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world. This country has a long and interesting history and tradition and unique culture. Of course, just like many other countries in the world, India has an original national cuisine. Today, the attention of many gourmands is focused on India because many of the dishes prepared there include vegetables, fruits, spices and other ingredients that make the dishes very healthy. Since India is a large country, it is no surprise why their cuisine is so diverse. But, regardless of its versatility, the vast majority of people agree that the food is delicious.

Every region of India is unique and men and women from different regions consume a wide range of different foods usually depending on their availability. It is good to mention that the cuisine of the Northern part of India is much different compared to the cuisine in the Southern part of India. There are people who are fonder of the specific cuisine of some parts of India. People from all over the world visit India to try these dishes. For example, there are many people who are using Sharjah to Chennai flights in the recent period to try the well-known south Indian cuisine.

What is good to know is that there are some staples that are consumed everywhere in India and they represent the backbone of Indian cuisine. Even though Indians are not vegans or vegetarians in a religious sense, many of them follow this type of diet. Of course, there are many people who consume fish and meat, but they too eat these mostly vegetarian staples. The common Indian food recipes are boosted with the help of some special cooking methods and healthy spices. Now let’s check some of the popular recipes and foods.



According to many surveys and statistics, roti is one of the most important and basic elements of modern Indian cuisine and diet. For those who didn’t know, roti is another word for bread in Indian language and it is prepared manually in many homes in India. Roti usually represents a whole wheat bread that comes with high fiber content and it is praised for the health benefits it brings. Most Indians consume roti together with vegetable dishes and/or lentil soup. Paratha is the name of a bread variety which is prepared in oil. In addition, Naan is another popular bread variety, baked in a special oven.



Rice is a typical food not only for India but for Asia too. Rice can be found in almost every Indian dish in different quantity. It is interesting that rice is used more frequently in the southern regions of India. Biriyani and Pulao are two popular varieties of rice in India.



Paneer is another name for traditional cottage cheese in India which is another basic element of Indian foods. Those who are eating only vegetarian foods take it in greater amounts in order to get more proteins. Matar Paneer, Panner Sabzi, and Alu Paneer are some popular dishes based on paneer.



Potatoes can be found almost everywhere in India and that’s why they are used so much in this Asian country. They are usually used in fish dishes, meat dishes, veggie dishes, parathas, and pakoras.

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  • Deb E

    I should try some more Indian foods since I do love the spicy things. I think most that I saw were so starchy but there are some nice Indian veggie dishes to try.

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