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Shadow Loves His New Look From PetSmart® Grooming! #PetSmartGrooming #sponsored


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First, let me ask you a question……. did you know that select PetSmart® stores offer PetSmart® Grooming Services not only for dogs but also for cats? I had no idea and am so glad that I am now “in the know” because Shadow looks amazing and the benefits and results of the grooming services are amazingly beneficial! I really did not expect to see such a difference….. and not just for a day or two…. but for the past month and beyond! Check out Shadow’s Before and After Pictures below…..
 I am so excited to share my experiences with PetSmart Grooming Services. I have to start off by saying that I was a tad bit nervous to take Shadow to the groomers because he has never been groomed before and honestly I had no idea that you could have your furry kitty groomed. Shadow is used to having his ears cleaned and his nails trimmed but that is about it…. so I was a bit unsure of how he would do. Well….. Shadow did great! I scheduled him for an early service at 7AM and I knew that the early timing would be great for him as the store is not open yet and there is not a lot is going on besides a few of the other pets coming in for their regular grooming services. I was reassured upon seeing so many regulars dropping their pets off for grooming services and knew that the results would be great. Can I tell you how blown away I was upon seeing my handsome little devil after his groom! He went from a dull black color to a vivid and gorgeous black & white tuxedo cat… as you can see with the before and after pictures above. He received several services including the FURminator waterless shampoo & conditioner, 20 minutes of brushing with the FURminator Tool, Ear Cleaning, Nail Clipping and the Pet Kiss Dental Gel Treatment for his teeth. He honestly looked thinner, healthier & shinier after his grooming!
grooming888Shadow with Jaime after his groom. He did very well with her and she was so sweet and helpful.
 Take a look below at a few of my favorite “after pics” that I took once we got home… and one picture is a couple of weeks after. The results were long lasting and I am still amazed at how fabulous his coat looks as compared to years before at this time. It truly makes a difference. He lost all of his winter undercoat from this fabulous grooming service from PetSmart and he looks thinner and his coat is truly healthier, shinier and fabulous and he is not shedding at all as compared to years before! That is so huge and I love it! I will definitely be going back year after year because I could never obtain these results myself. PetSmart ensures that their groomers are trained to take care of your pets as if they were their own and I truly felt that with Shadow’s groomer. Jaime was fabulous and she said Shadow did great with everything… but was a bit scared of the dryer so she took her time to dry him in increments so that he was not too tense and unhappy and I really love that she was taking such great care to make sure he was comfortable. That says a lot to me as Shadow is my favorite furry BFF.

PetSmart offers grooming for your dogs and cats (Cats at select locations as the groomers require extra training)… and I would recommend this fabulous grooming service to any of my friends and family as well as my Savvy Readers! PetSmart ensures that they have the best people for the job and that is why I will be using their grooming services going forward. Did you know that all PetSmart salon associates acquire annual safety certification and take additional course work where they learn about dog anatomy, signs of stress and common pet medical conditions? Did you know that their groomers (those that give haircuts) receive an additional 400 hours of hands on training? Did you know that PetSmart Grooming salons offer a “Look Great Guarantee,” which is their promise that you’ll be happy with your pet’s service, or they’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. They will work with you until you’re happy or it’s free. The best part……… you can book an appointment online (even choosing your favorite groomer) and get text alerts or emails notifying you when your pet is ready to be picked up! That is what I did with Shadow… as cats can take a bit longer. The perfect example is Shadow being afraid of the dryer. Jaime took the extra time to make him feel comfy and dried him periodically to ensure he felt comfortable with the process and that means a lot to me. She called and texted me when he was ready and told me all about Shadow’s experiences when I got there to pick him up. She seemed extremely comfortable with Shadow & cats in general and told me all about her own. I will definitely be visiting  again in the near future to take care of Shadows grooming needs because Jaime truly knew how to handle Shadow and make the grooming experience a plus for him. Jaime is now Shadows preferred groomer and I will spread the word to my friends and family.



Do you have a Furry Family Member that could use a grooming service from PetSmart? You can book Online now and schedule your next appointment HERE.

Remember… they groom your dogs and at select locations will groom you cats! You can call your nearest location to see if they do the full grooming service for your Furry Kitties and of course they are trained to groom your Furry Doggies in all ways…. and they do it well!

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  • Carol Smith

    He is such a handsome cat and I love those long whiskers! He looks so shiny and sharp after his grooming session. Actually in the last pictures his expressions look like he knows how handsome he is!

  • Barrie

    We have a yellow lab mix who could use a grooming just to help with shedding! I had NO idea that cats could be groomed…I can see the difference in Shadow’s fur…amazing!

  • Amber Ludwig

    Oooh I had no clue they did cats either! What a great option especially for long haired cats prone to tangles!! Did they actually bathe him??

    • mcushing7

      Yes they did bathe him but it is a dry shampoo and a conditioning treatment. They did great with him and honestly with the weather getting nicer he would be shedding like crazy…. but not at all since his groom…. make sure you check it out. 🙂

  • Dotty J Boucher

    What a ham, he all brave sitting there and getting groomed, I always here such wonderful things about the work that petsmart does..

  • Susan P.

    One benefit of having a cat professionally groomed is less shedding which is always a good thing. I know some people don’t trim their cat’s nails so that would be another benefit.

    • mcushing7

      He actually really liked it…. I was honestly very nervous but he did so well and when I got home… he seemed super happy to have all of that extra coat off all while looking dapper. I swear I think he liked it almost like a day at the salon for myself 🙂

  • Barb Stenby

    My friend is a groomer at petsmart and he really does love his job. They take great care of their customers (cats dogs etc) They also use great products on them and are very knowledgeable about animals

    • mcushing7

      I was slightly scared… but they did such a great job with him and I was amazed at how fabulous he looked afterwards! I really loved it! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Ann

    I had NO IDEA that PetSmart offers grooming services for cats! My cats are 7 and just-turned-8 years old now (how time flies!), and we’ve always gone to Banfield for veterinary care. (Banfield is the clinic inside / attached to Banfield.) Neither is declawed, but I take care to clip their claws when they get too long– a good indicator is when they start “sticking to things,” like blankets. :p I also brush both of them, use moistened Q-Tips every so often, and recently started using “cat wipes” (found them on Amazon) on their fur coat / skin every so often. (The cat wipes were really helpful in the wintertime, when their skin got a bit more dry.)
    I think that both of my cats could benefit from some pro grooming services. I’m really glad that I caught this post, and I’ll be sure to check this out. Thank you! 🙂

  • Margot C

    I just Fulminated my cat Leonardo and you could have stuffed a small pillow with the massive cloud of underfur that came off of him. He looks thiner.

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