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Rustic Lake House Décor at your Dinner Table

Rustic Lake House Décor at your Dinner Table

RusticLakehouse222It’s easy to dream about having lake house at anytime of the year. In the winter you can cozy up indoors next to a warm fire, while in the summer you can cool off in the lake. You don’t really need a piece of waterfront real estate in CT, however, to appreciate the rustic charm of a lake house’s interior. Here are some ideas if you want to bring this fashionable, earthy look to your dinner table:

A Rectangular Wooden Table

This is at the core of bringing the whole look together and should be the star of your dinner. All types of wood would work: birch, mahogany, beech, cedar, etc. If you are trying to cut back on expenses, you can always use a table that resembles these other woods. Sssshhh, it will be our little secret!

Wooden or Neutral-Colored Chairs


If your table is the star, think of your chairs as its back-up dancers. Sure, they’re replaceable, but it’s not really a show-stopping performance without them. There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to the chairs. It may be best, however, to use neutral colors like black, white or natural wood as those all work well. It can transform the look from being old and tired, to cozy and fashionable.

Pinecones or Pine Tree Branches

Is there anything better than the smell of pine? If you have access to a pine tree, try to use some small branches to decorate your table. Another alternative is to use some pinecones. If you are feeling extra fancy, you can paint them a festive, gold color. Don’t fret though; that natural color of pinecones also looks great.

Rustic Placemats

Here is where you can get really creative with your table decor. Placemats in a tartan print really have a cabin in the woods feel. If loud prints are not your style, you can always use holiday placemats that are reminiscent of snowflakes, in a neutral colour that contrasts with your table.

Scented Candles

At the moment, there are a lot of seasonal scents available. You can buy candles with scents like mulled cider, cabin fire and even snowy pine tree. Mmmmm, can you smell the magic?

Modern Plates & Cutlery

With all the accessories that will be on your table, it could be beneficial to use modern plates and cutlery. Think of simple, clean and understated. No crazy patterns! Square plates would work really well as they are less traditional, but at the same time fashionable.

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