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See Why I Am Loving The Many Health & Beauty Benefits Of Naked Collagen From Naked Nutrition! @nkdnutritioninc @SMGurusNetwork

This year has been packed full of many changes for me in regard to my lifestyle and health and with that I have become more physically active as it is a crucial step for me to keep the transformation alive and to keep myself feeling better in terms of my energy levels and my health overall. I will not go into all of the details but because of the many changes I have made,  I have lost 35 pounds and I feel like a new person. The results have been the driving force behind my keeping to the course and one of the reasons I am staying active and working out. I love working out but with it comes the toll on my 45 year old body as far as my joints are concerned. That is why I was so excited to give Naked Collagen from Naked Nutrition a try as I had done my research and loved all that I had read about them. Naked Collagen contains pure collagen peptides in a powder form that I simply add to my morning glass of juice and drink as normal. All I taste is delicious juice and nothing more. I have been using it now for about 2 weeks and the benefits are fabulous for your overall health, appearance and is also great for your workout recovery. I am not really worried about workout recovery so much as I am simply supplementing my collagen intake so that I see an improvement in my joint health and the added benefits of great looking hair, skin and nails is an added bonus that anyone can love.

So you may be wondering why Naked Collagen and do you really need it? The answer would be yes because the diets that we consume today contain less and less collagen and starting around the age of 30 years old, your body also begins producing less, so to keep your health and wellness in check you will need to supplement. Naked Collagen does just that as it helps to promote joint health, acts as an anti-inflammatory, protects cartilage and bones, and also helps to repair a leaky gut, which if you didn’t know is a leading cause of autoimmune diseases. Plus you will receive the added benefits of youthful skin, healthy and strong hair, stronger and shinier nails, and fabulous workout recovery times.

The reason I did my research and decided to give Naked Collagen a try is that they are made in the USA with only one ingredient and zero additives. The bovine collagen powder that naked Nutrition uses to make Naked Collagen is sourced from European cows that eat a grass diet plus it is tested by an independent third-party to ensure it’s purity and safety from heavy metals contamination and to ensure its nutritional value overall. Naked Collagen contains collagen hydrolysate that has no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors plus I love that it is GMO-Free, Growth Hormone Free (no rBGH or rBST), Soy Free and Gluten-Free all while being Paleo friendly and a Keto collagen protein powder.

Naked Collagen is the perfect base for adding to whatever you would like. I use a scoop each day in my juice but you can add Naked Collagen to your morning coffee, cold sports drinks, tea before you sleep or as an unflavored protein base in pre and post-workout smoothies. Health and sports research has proven that this vital protein can improve muscle recovery, boost metabolism and improve digestion when used in drinks and shakes. That is another added bonus for me as a boost in metabolism and an improvement in digestion are two things that I can use for sure to keep me on track in my weight loss journey and health management overall.

With Naked Collagen from Naked Nutrition you are getting maximum nutrition as compared to other beef collagen supplements available. One scoop of Naked Nutrition’s powdered collagen contains 9.5 grams of pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides powder, 9 grams of protein powder, 0 grams of sugar, 0 grams of carbs, 0.6 grams BCAAs including essential amino acids 2290 milligrams glycine and 1,340 milligrams of proline plus it has less sodium than their competitors. You can use 1 scoop and up to 2 scoops a day as well to ensure you are getting the intake of collagen that you need. I simply use one scoop in my morning glass of  juice, which I mix in the blender bottle Naked Nutrition carries, and I love that it does not clump which makes it easy to mix and drink with my shaker bottle and with any type of beverage, hot or cold. My favorite part is that I have seen improvement in my knees when climbing the stairs each day and also in my right elbow which has been bothering me when working out. I cannot wait to see the results after 1 and 2 months use and I will most definitely update and tell you all about it.

So what do you think? Are you on a mission to improve your health and wellbeing like me? Do you workout regularly and need something to keep your joints moving smoothly and comfortably plus it is perfect in the workout recovery process as well. Check out Naked Collagen from Naked Nutrition and check out all of the amazing products that Naked Nutrition has to offer plus check them out on social media and see what others think as well!


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