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My Savvy Recipe ~ Slow Cooker Pot Roast (Family Fave Recipe!)

Slow Cooker Pot Roast Recipe That Is PERFECT Every Time! Seriously! It turns out delicious and I have serious picky eaters in my house and this is their fave!


Number of servings: 12 at least (It is awesome leftover too!)


1 – 4 or 5 lb roast

1 Bag of White Potatoes (or red skinned)

1 Bag of Carrots (I use the baby carrots)

2 Onions quartered

4 cans Cream Of Mushroom Soup

1/3 of a jar of Wyler’s Beef Bouillon (granules)

salt and pepper to taste & to season roast when browning


First, put a little olive oil in an electric skillet and brown all sides of the roast… making sure to season it with a little salt and pepper first. Pull the roast and set in your slow cooker (I have a LARGE slowcooker so downsize the size of your roast if needed ~ mine works with up to a 5 lb roast)

Next…. quarter your potatoes after you have peeled them and add to the top of the roast basically filling one side and then on the other side….. add the carrots. Toss quartered onions on top of that. It will be pretty full…. I just kind of push it all down as much around the sides of the roast etc…

Now…. in a mixing bowl, dump the 4 cans of cream of mushroom soup in and then add a 1/3 of the Wyler’s Beef Bouillon Granules in and stir well. Just spread this mixture all over the top of the veggies and roast, close the lid, and set on low for 6 to 8 hours. I start early in the morning… and let it cook all day. It literally falls apart and the soup and veggies create a fabulous gravy! It is a one pot meal.. veggies, gravy and roast included. I always do it large so we have leftovers because it is just as good as the first batch! Enjoy 🙂


  • barbg

    This looks very comforting I would give this recipe a try. I’m not the biggest fans of Carrots but I can handle a few. Especially if they are cooked a long time and absorb the meat juices.

    • mcushing7

      I am with you! Not a big carrot fan…. cannot eat them raw at all…. but cooked like this… with the gravy… delicious 🙂

  • Christie

    It looks delicious, I remember when my grandma would cook a roast in the oven and she’d add potatoes, carrots and celery.


    I completely agree with you: leftovers are just as nice, if not nicer, than the meal itself!


    I made this for Sunday dinner & just finished the leftovers for today’s lunch! Gorgeous & just perfect for the really changeable weather we’ve been having.

    • mcushing7

      I am glad you liked it! I love love love that recipe and could not believe how delicious! PLUS the leftovers are soooo good too 🙂

  • Michele Baron

    Looks easy….sounds yummy….perfect! I’m going to try this over the summer – no need to heat up the kitchen too