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RUVI ~ The Perfect Way To Get The Fruits & Veggies Your Body Needs & Nothing Else

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I am not sure about you guys….. but I know that I am not getting my much needed servings of veggies and fruits each day like we are supposed to. In fact 1 in 10 people do not get enough fruits and veggies (about 10 1/2 cup servings a day) into their diet which means there are LOTS of people out there who are deficient. The issue is the number of servings we are supposed to intake each day is quite a bit and with the busy crazy lives that we all live today….no one seems to have the time to ensure they get their proper amount of veggie and fruit intake that they need. In turn you see that many people instead run through that fast food drive thru as it is just convenient. Seriously… if eating healthy was as easy as eating unhealthy the world would be a different place and people would be eating a heck of a lot better. This is where Ruvi comes in as Ruvi is the perfect way to get those much needed fruits and veggies into your daily diet….easily via their fruit and veggie powders.

Take A Look At This You Tube Which Explains Ruvi Perfectly:

Ruvi is sooooo good for you as their fruit and veggie freeze dried powder packs contain fruits and veggies that are picked at the peak of nutrition, color and taste and then those fruits and veggies are flash frozen within hours. They are then freeze dried to lock in their nutrients and then powdered and packaged. It is truly the fun new way to get loads of veggies and fruit in one easy sitting. Each packet provides 4 of your 10 servings… just like that and there are four varieties of Ruvi fruit and veggie freeze dried powder packs to choose from. They have an Active blend, a Focus blend, a Boost blend and a Clean blend. Let’s take a look at each…..



Ruvi ACTIVE is the heart-health master of the group. This is perfect for performance, recovery and overall cardiovascular health which is something we all need and can use. Ruvi ACTIVE contains 2 1/2 servings of fruits and 1 1/2 servings of veggies. This is the easier and tastier way to get your daily fruits and veggies and as mentioned above…. All ingredients are harvested at their nutritional peak, flash frozen and powdered. Simply dump into the shaker bottle with 10 ounces of water, shake and drink. It does to get easier than that and no fridge or blender is needed!


Ruvi ACTIVE contains 8 fruits and vegetables. Nothing else.

*Fuji Apple: Filled with all that good fiber plus polyphenols to help your heart stay healthy and keep cholesterol in check. May help with weight loss goals too.
*Tart Cherry: Contain powerful plant foods called anthocyanins and flavonoids to help with muscle recovery.
Carrot: Rich in plant compounds called phytonutrients to aid the heart and cholesterol levels.
*Raspberry: Low in calories but packed with nutrients and potent antioxidants to keep inflammation in check.
*Butternut Squash: Rich in carotenoids (plant phytonutrients) to support your heart and protect your cells from oxidative damage and inflammation.
*Strawberry: Loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients to help your heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, and vascular function.
*Beet: Commonly used by athletes before a workout to boost blood nitrate (nitric oxide) levels. Keeps blood pressure in check.
*Tomato: Rich in nutrients to help your heart and keep inflammation and oxidative stress in check.



Ruvi FOCUS is another that I love. It gives your brain the fuel it needs and improves memory, increases focus and sharpen the mind. Who could not love that!?! This one contains 2 1/2 servings of fruit and 1 1/2 servings of veggies. There are absolutely no added sugars, no preservatives, no artificial flavors and only 100% Free Dried, Non-GMO veggies and fruits and they are Gluten Free, Vegan, Plant Based, and contain all fo the fiber. Simply add water, shake well and drink!


Ruvi FOCUS contains 10 fruits and vegetables. Nothing else.

*Blueberry: Believed to have one of the highest antioxidant levels of common fruits and veg. It can help maintain brain function and improve memory. It’s really great for your heart too.
*Grape: Shown to improve memory, attention, and mood. May also slow aging and promote longevity.
*Blackberry: Antioxidants in blackberries help fight free radicals and alter how brain neurons communicate. This may help reduce brain inflammation, which can lead to cognitive and motor issues common with aging.
*Banana: May balance blood sugar levels, improve digestive health. High in many nutrients like vitamin B6 which may increase mood-boosting serotonin.
*Strawberry: Associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Slows cognitive decline by up to 2 ½ years.
*Broccoli: Rich in vitamin K and choline which can strengthen cognitive abilities and improves memory.
*Zucchini: May stabilize blood sugar levels and insulin levels. High in vitamin C and riboflavin which improves the strength of the brain and slows degenerative mental conditions.
*Spinach: Tops the charts as one of the healthiest vegetables on earth. Helps fight chronic diseases including cancer. Rich in vitamin K, lutein, folate, iron, and beta carotene — all brain-healthy ingredients that may slow cognitive decline.
*Acai: A dark purple Brazilian superfruit that’s packed with nutrition, particularly anthocyanins — powerful antioxidants that help the heart, help reduce cancer, and may protect your brain from damage as you age.
*Maqui Berry: A rare, exotic purple fruit that grows wild in South America (mainly harvested by the Machupe Indians in Chile). Packed with 3x the antioxidants of most common berries, Maqui fights inflammation, protects against heart disease, and improves memory.



Ruvi BOOST will give your immune system some love PLUS added benefits for your skin which is always a plus. This one too provides 2 1/2 servings of fruits and 1 1/2 servings of veggies and as with all Ruvi Freeze Dried Fruits & Veggie Powders …. It is the easier and tastier way to get your daily fruits and veggies.

Ruvi FOCUS contains 8 fruits and vegetables. Nothing else.


*Banana: Good source of vitamin C, which helps your immune system work better and helps you produce more skin-fortifying white blood cells. High in vitamin A, which repairs damaged, dry skin.
*Carrot: Loaded with carotenoids, powerful phytonutrients linked to improved immune function and reduced risk of things like heart disease and cancer.
*Mango: Includes over a dozen powerful antioxidants that are essential in protecting against free radical damage (free radicals have been linked to aging and chronic diseases). Also high in vitamin A, which is essential for fighting infections.
*Peach: Packed with antioxidants that protect your body from aging and disease. Studies show that plant compounds found in peaches may improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture.
*Pineapple: Loaded with nutrients and antioxidants to help your body combat oxidative stress linked to chronic inflammation, a weakened immune system, and harmful diseases. Studies have shown that pineapple and its compounds may reduce the risk of cancers. Rich in skin-healing antioxidants.
*Butternut Squash: An abundant source of powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C, E, and carotenoids like beta-carotene. These have been shown to slow cellular damage and reduce inflammation, helping keep chronic diseases at bay.
*Kiwi: Shown in studies to support immune function and reduce the likelihood of developing cold- and flu-like symptoms.
*Orange: Rich in phytonutrients, especially carotenoids and phenolics, which act as powerful antioxidants. May reduce inflammation and the chronic diseases associated with it.



Ruvi CLEAN is one of my favorites as it keeps those insides running smoothly. This one aids naturally in the digestive process for a clean and mean digestive system. This one contains 1 1/2 servings of fruits and 2 1/2 servings fo veggies and as with all Ruvi Freeze Dried Fruit & Veggie Powders is is the easier and tastier way to get your daily intake fo fruits and veggies.

Ruvi CLEAN contains 9 fruits and vegetables. Nothing else.


*Grape: The National Institutes of Health recommends increasing your daily intake of grapes as a healthy option for increasing your insoluble fiber to support digestive regularity due to the high fiber. Grapes may help the liver by reducing inflammation and preventing liver damage.
*Fuji Apple: High in soluble fiber and water, sweeping the colon and causing fullness after eating. BTW, whole apples do this way better than their juice counterpart. Apples are also known to act as a prebiotic—feeding your gut with good bacteria.
*Banana: Filled with nutrients to support the kidneys, your body’s master cleaner. Contains a good dose of fiber which helps the digestive tract and may aid in weight loss.
*Zucchini: Contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, reducing the risk of constipation. May help reduce hunger.
*Cucumber: Very effective in blocking free radicals that can cause inflammation and aging.
*Granny Smith Apple: Filled with fiber, they can support good digestion and provide a feeling of fullness.
*Spinach: Boosts immunity and aids in cleansing. Packed with vitamins and minerals.
*Kale: A powerhouse plant that is nutrient dense (high in nutrients and low in calories). It can help reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, and detox the liver.
*Moringa: One of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Packed with fiber to aid in digestion. Strong anti-inflammatory properties to support overall gut health.


Making and enjoying your Ruvi Freeze Dried Fruits & Veggie packs are super easy too. You simply add 8 to 10 ounces of cold water to your Ruvi shaker bottle BEFORE adding the Ruvi packet of your choice. This just ensures an easier mixing of the powder. Once you add the water in… empty your Ruvi packet into the shaker bottle, add the shaker ball and then close the bottle securely. I am also loving a product from VeganLiftz.com for their Patriot Power Greens and this is perfect for an older market… persons 50+ really can benefit from this product to help them feel younger. It provides an increase in overall energy and vitality when using it, and it certainly packs a nutritional punch.

Someone adding Ruvi Packet to shaker bottle

Keep in mind that I love Ruvi not only for what it has in it but also what it does not…..

*No added Sugars

*No added sweeteners

*No fillers

*No artificial ingredients

*No GMOs


*Gluten Free

*All the Fiber

Pretty cool right! Ruvi is the perfect way to end the struggle of eating your fruits and veggies as there is no refrigeration needed. All you need is your Ruvi packet of choice, some cold H2O and your shaker bottle. Once you combine and shake thoroughly you can enjoy the drink and know that you are getting a huge portion of your daily fruit and veggie intake. Ruvi makes it so simple as there is no need to wash, cut and prep those fresh fruits and veggies, there is no wasted produce that goes bad, no blender or freezer needed and it is perfection for picky eaters.

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So what do you think of Ruvi? Are you like me and looking for a delicious and convenient way to ensure you get your much needed daily intake of fresh fruits and veggies? Look no further than Ruvi as they have done all of the hard work for you. Right now you get their shaker bottle for FREE with any order and I highly recommend this as your body and brain are literally starving for their much needed daily dose of fruits and veggies… so feed them and see what happens! Check out Ruvi today and visit them on social media as well. This makes the perfect gift for mom too and for anyone that you love as it is the gift of health and wellness. Enjoy!

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Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


  • Lauryn R

    RUVI sounds amazing, I have to try it now! I try to get enough every day but I know I never do. The flavors sound delicious too!

  • megan allen

    I am definitely not getting the fruits and veggies I need. I love them ..but I’m a mom of four. I always put myself last! Thanks for sharing these awesome products that will hopefully help me!

    • mcushing7

      I totally am with you which is why these are so handy! You can make sure to get those much needed vie=gives and fruits into your diet easily… no prep and no fuss and no worrying about product and fruit going bad and being tossed out. We are so busy these days it is hard to eat and live clean and healthy.

  • Proseccobefore7

    Having fruits and vegetables daily is one of our family goals for the year. I’ve never seen this before, so thanks for sharing, I will no sure to look into it forward.

  • Laura Side Street

    Ooh these sound ace and super easy to use (which is key for me being a busy mum). I love to make a green juice every morning so this would be perfect to add to that

    Laura x

  • tat2gurlzrock

    I really don’t eat right. I am always doing other things and really don’t think about it. This would be a great solution.

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