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Outfitting a Kitchen? Add these 5 Items to Your List

Outfitting a new kitchen is super-exciting – but there’s so much to look at, deliberate over, and perhaps buy. Some items are easily overlooked, only to become a problem or inconvenience later on when you really need them. Whether you’re looking to improve your existing stock of kitchen tools, accessories and gadgets or are starting from scratch, add these items to your list.

1. A Sharpening Stone or Whetstone

By now, most of us know that a really good set of kitchen knives is a must-have. But the point of choosing good knives is that they can last for a long time. Unfortunately, they won’t stay as sharp as they were when you bought them and will need sharpening. Getting a keener edge on your kitchen knives is the work of minutes, provided you have a good whetstone to help you. Add it to your shopping list and look out for one that offers good looks along with functionality.

2. Oven Gloves or Pot Holders

Delicious food, piping hot out of the oven is one of the joys of life – provided you don’t burn your fingers when taking hot dishes out of the oven. So, while you’re shopping for ovenware, don’t forget to take care of your comfort and safety. Anyone who has nursed a nasty burn through a sleepless night will agree that prevention is way better than cure, so don’t skimp on this kitchen accessory. Choose oven gloves that offer good protection to the fingers, palms and the backs of the hands. For a quick lift off the stovetop, pot holders will do – another add-on for your kitchen outfitting list that is often overlooked.

3. Trivets

Trivets are heat-proof table or countertop accessories that protect surfaces from damage done by hot pots or serving dishes. With pots, pans,crockery, cutlery, and utensils to buy, they’re often forgotten on initial kitchen outfitting forays. Old-fashioned though the idea may be, trivets are a must for every kitchen: a definite necessity for cooking convenience and peace of mind.

4. Kitchen Shears

Ordinary scissors won’t do for tough kitchen jobs – and they have plenty of uses. SNipping things up instead of cutting them with a knife is often an easier solution, so invest in a pair of heavy-duty kitchen shears instead of trying to make a scissors meant for cutting paper do a job it isn’t designed for. You’re looking for a basic, easy to clean item with strong handles, and it’s worth the investment to go for quality.

5. A Salad Spinner

Getting excess water out of greens after rinsing can be a bit of a hit and miss business – unless you have a salad spinner handy. While these were practically unheard of a few decades ago, their usefulness has made them a real kitchen essential for modern kitchens. So, while you’re shopping for cookware, spare a thought for your raw foods too. You probably already have a salad bowl and salad serving utensils on your list, but did you remember the spinner? 

Easily Overlooked; Often Regretted

These 5 extras are often overlooked when outfitting new kitchens, only to be regretted later. Beyond the obvious things like a tin opener, stirring and serving spoons, and so on, thesessimple, low-cost items really will help to make your kitchen experience easier and pleasanter. Make sure they’re on your list before you hit the shops.

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