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Reinvent Your Kitchen Workspace With The John Boos Co. Cherry Culinarte’ Kitchen Cart! @johnboosco @SMGurusNetwork

Reinvent Your Kitchen Workspace With The John Boos Co. Cherry Culinarte’ Kitchen Cart! @johnboosco @SMGurusNetwork

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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that my favorite room in my home is the kitchen and for so many reasons. The kitchen is the place that I love to cook and create delicious meals in and it is a place that I find myself and my family gathering in constantly. It is also a space in which my family and I love to hang out with friends and family, especially for family and friend gatherings and get togethers. It is for me the most important room in the home and my biggest issue in the home we are in right now is the lack of counterspace or space in general. For this reason I have fallen head over heels in love with my new John Boos Co. Cherry Culinarte’ Kitchen Cart as it provides additional countertop space for me to prepare all of my meals plus storage space for the things I use most.

The John Boos Co. Cherry Culinarte’ Kitchen Cart is exactly what I expect from John Boos Co. in terms of quality and construction. John Boos Co. Cutting Boards, Kitchen Carts, Kitchen Islands, Butcher Blocks and Countertops are hand crafted works of art that will last forever if properly cared for. There is nothing like the quality of John Boos Co. and it has everything to do with the fact that they use the finest materials made by the most skilled craftsmen right here is the USA. That is a huge thing for me as I always try to make it a point to purchase America made products for myself and my family.

This gorgeous cart is made in the USA and stands a perfect 35 inches tall which is super comfortable for me when using it. This cart starts with a removeable 1 1/2″ thick American Cherry cutting board top with an edge grain. The cutting board top is finished with a John Boos Block cream finish with Beeswax. There are 2 food service grade stainless steel shelves and a stainless steel towel bar on the side. There are 4 commercial grade 3″ locking caters so that you can move the cart around freely as desired and also lock into place when needed. 



The John Boos Co. Cherry Culinarte’ Kitchen Cart is the perfect addition to my kitchen as it provides me with more counter space to prep my meals as well as additional storage space. I am adding two baskets on the bottom shelf to use as added storage and I just love that this kitchen cart upgrades the overall look of my kitchen. I appreciate that the cutting board is removeable so that I can give the cart a thorough clean which is the perfect time for me to replenish, restore and protect the cutting board surface with my John Boos Cutting Board Care and Maintenance Set. This set is a must have because you receive everything you need to properly care for your John Boos Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks, Countertops and more. You will receive the Boos Block Mystery Oil, Boos Block Board Cream and a Boos Round Applicator. Rest assured that all of the products are designed to safely maintain and preserve your hard wood surfaces all while ensuring the wood surfaces are safe for food preparation. I just love it and once a month or whenever my John Boos boards begin to look dry, I give it a treatment to restore its beauty and to keep it protected. 

So what do you think of John Boos and this gorgeous kitchen cart? This cart is the perfect addition to every kitchen as it provides a fabulous workspace that you can move around and use as you need it. Plus it is made by John Boos Co. so you know the quality is amazing and the product a stunning work of art. Check out John Boos Co. at their website plus check them out on social media as well!


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  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This is so nice. Very stylish. I love the cherry wood cutting board. Great addition for any kitchen. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Brittany Routhier

    This is so nice and professional looking. I would love to have this to put everything I need on it while cooking.

  • Lauryn R

    What a beautiful kitchen workspace! John Boos is such a great brand, I have always wanted one of their amazing cutting boards. I did not know that they made carts though, this would be perfect for those that do not have an island or need extra workspace.

  • Abigail Schuette

    This is really beautiful, ive been looking for something to hold my sons enteral feeding formula for his tube feedings,we hwt about fove big pallets a month, a storage cart just like this would be perfect! Ill definitely have to check it out further! Thanks for the info!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I really like how their carts, cutting boards, etc., bring real hard woods into the designs. I love that hard wood look.

  • Lori

    I too have a small kitchen with limited counter space. I’ve tried to come up with every idea possible to maximize space and make cooking in a smaller kitchen more enjoyable. This would be a nice edition to my kitchen and give me that little extra much needed prep area without being too intrusive or make my already small kitchen look even smaller.

  • Tracy Suzanne DeLoach

    This would be great to take the food from the kitchen to the grill outside. Everything you need to prepare the meal is easily transported there and back making clean up a breeze.

  • Chelsea

    I love this! We are moving soon. We are renovating tge kitchen in our new place. This would be great. Especially since its a small kitchen.

  • Cynthia Brooks

    I would love this kitchen workplace because it looks so lovely and I would love a dedicated space to chop, while having space under it for spices and whatnot. It looks beautifuly made.

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