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Reach Out to His Heart with These 7 Personalized Gifts

We often associate special personalized gifts with the amazing females in our lives because we feel they need to be pampered every now and then. We feel that their birthdays or any special occasion related to their happiness is a need for celebration via gifts and love. However, we often ignore the fact that even the special males in our lives seek to be appreciated and shown love and we should most definitely do this for them now and again as nothing makes someone feel special like being pampered with unexpected gifts. Making a gift unique and individual really shows the love that’s gone into it; like these personalized bobbleheads! As wacky and fun as these are, your man will truly appreciate that you’ve gone to the effort of finding something completely custom for him. You don’t need a reason or occasion to spoil your other half, just do it! You can count on us, the following list of heartfelt gifts won’t disappoint you.

Personalized Tees

We bet he has his personal favorite superhero, a musical band or a football club, he just can’t get over it. You can make an effort to familiarize yourself with his personal favorites and when least expected, present him a personalized tee that has his favorite stuff treasured on it. Or if you really can’t wrack your brains, why not give him something you know he already loves – you! make your own bobblehead in your likeness, and that way he can have you with him wherever he goes! He might get teased a little at the office though…

Heart Crafted Mugs

Brew him some memorable moments in a customized mug that reminds him of you, every time he takes a sip. When creativity has gone bonkers, there are mugs available with heart-shaped handles or even mugs that contain a secret message that appears once you fill the mug with a hot beverage.

Personalized Deliciousness

Every guy has an addiction that makes him go week in the knees! Give him a break from his daily workout and from his core tight diet schedule by delving him into a sweet indulgence.

And, this can even be done even when you’re far away from him, all you need to do is get to know his favorite cake flavor and send it via the best online store that delivers personalized gifts pretty much anywhere and this will for sure make his long tiring day, a delicious one.

Exclusive Grooming Kit

More than you, your guy worries about his styling products and cosmetics. He may have one personal favorite brand or he may be a collector of products, who fills his medicine cabinet with products from different types of brands. You can do the same and surprise him by giving him the best beard grooming kit.

Comfyness All Around

Here’s one gift for his everyday needs. A personalized cushion with an artistic graffiti and a memorable photo of both of you, can put him at ease while driving and/or sitting in the workplace….. attending meetings. This one is one of the best customized gifts that you can get him.

Custom Cufflinks & Tie Clips

What jewelry is to you, is what cuff links and tie clips are to him. Accessorize him with designer cufflinks and you can also go overboard and get these customized, in accordance with his needs. You might even be interested in something like a custom photo wallet to go along with your custom cuffslinks.

Unique Key Ring

You can be with him even when you’re not around. Gift them a memorable pictorial key ring that is also available in various shapes and sizes. Not only will these remind him of you, but will also help him out in carrying his keys around, all day long.

He has been there for you all the time and has pampered you in the best possible manner. No matter how little his gestures were, they meant everything to you. The same goes with your love towards him….. with these personalized gift ideas you can put your best foot forward and remind him that you also know how to express your love for him, preciously.


  • Amy D

    These are super cute ideas. My wedding anniversary is coming up, and I think I will get my husband some custom cuff links and a groom kit.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    These are such great gift ideas. I would not have thought about some of these. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Candice Balser

    Some of these are really cute ideas. I think I’d chose the personalized shirt out of all of them.

  • Sarh

    These are great ideas, I love the coffee mug. It’s really not that hard to shop for a guy, we as women just over think it.

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