Savvy DIY

Simple Tweaks that Gives a Much-deserved Makeover to Your Home

A home of our dreams that have been built and decorated as per our tastes and choices need some simple tweaks here and there to continue looking alluring and impressive. Although it is very tough to resist a full-blown makeover with complete lighting work, paint-work, new furniture, and more, a few simple changes can also make a sea difference to your home. So, if a top-to-bottom upgrade is not an option, here are a few simple tweaks that can make your home look simply beautiful and irresistible. It is also clear proof of the fact that small changes can leave a lasting impact. So, get started and give a lovely look to your home with these simple touches here and there.

Replace Old switch plates with new ones

Now, this does not require a lot of investment of time, money, and effort but replacing old, worn out, shabby-looking switch plates with new, swanky ones can add to the room’s appeal. Switchplates are used daily and are usually pale neutral or yellow. Why not take a risk and go for a dash of colour using a shiny or pattern material? You can go a step ahead and wallpaper your switchplates to give them a lovely look.

Bold Your House Number

Most of the time, we keep focusing on improving home interiors, but what about our house’s curb appeal? Why not work on giving a creative look to the house numbers using antique hardware? This way, whether it is your standalone home or the apartment door front,which is sure to set the tone for the style of home. Place many planters below or near the house number and add a dash of class and elegance.

Replace Your Old Door Knocker for Home Improvement

Your door knocker is the first thing that will be seen and touched by the guests coming to your home. If your old door knocker is looking decrepit, now is the time to replace it with a new one. If you want to follow a vintage theme in your home, you can always choose a vintage-styled door knocker that adds cheer to the door. Moreover, replacing old hardware with a new one is faster and easier. There is no dearth of options when it comes to decorative door knockers. Choose something like an elegant hand or a whimsical animal shape and spruce up your entranceway.

Brighten Your Space With Impressive Lighting Impact

It is amazing to see how simple lighting changes can bring a lot of difference to your home. Either replace your old lights with a pendant lighting option such as the addition of earthy bamboo pendant lighting or place painted table lamps here and there and light up every corner of the room. Such additions will improve overall lighting along with the style of space. Add a dimmer to soft white lights to make the whole area bathed in a soft glow of light.

Add a Green Look

It is very surprising to note how even placing a few planters here and there with verdant bushes can make a difference to your space. Place a huge palm plant in the corner with a light hanging above it. It will look lovely with nature finding a spot in your home. You can also go for many hanging decorative planters with succulents or drooping plants to add to the splendour of space. 

Change Your Door Handles

If your old door handles are hanging or looking dullor have lost their sheen, it is time to replace them with new, classy-looking door handlesThese are available in multiple designs. Choose something that goes well with the overall design and décor of your home. This way, it will give a seamless look to your décor efforts. This simple change can make a big difference. In the entire day, we grab these door handles several times to open various doors. Changing door handles for an improved version is another way to enjoy high functionality with amazing looks. 

Window Treatments For a Lovely Look

Dress up your windows with amazing window treatment options. Please choose any of the options available and check the impact it makes on your space. You can go for a Roman shade, simple curtain panels, or different treatments for windows and add warmth to the room. Quick window coverings are available in the market that can freshen the look of any room you want. 

Reupholster Your Sofas

Change the upholstery of your sofa, back of the bed, chair seats, and more, and give a quick makeover to your living space. If you wish to make these changes without investing a lot of time and effort, use staple gun reupholster options that help you give a much-desired makeover to your home. Choose the vibrant fabric that adds a dash of colour to simple furniture pieces giving them a new lease of life. 

You see how these simple tweaks here and there can bring a remarkable change to your home and give it a lovely makeover. Host parties, invite your friends and bask in the compliments flowing to you for your amazing creative home improvement talent.