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Preparing Yourself for Success

What is Success?

True Life Coaching, like the services available at Life Coach Manchester, sheds light by defining success as getting what a person wants. This is often translated into happiness. Unfortunately, at times people use someone else’s definition of success and don’t take the time to determine success from their own perspective. Consequently, they are not happy. They complain, grumble and fail to see how their perspective is the difference maker. Perhaps further reading will give you some insight.

The Preliminary Work

Can you confirm that you have prepared yourself for success? According to Earl Nightingale, when an opportunity becomes available and a person has not prepared for success, he/she will look foolish. A person can only be in position to embrace opportunity when he/she has paid the price for readiness for success. Like iron fillings to a magnet, preparedness attracts opportunities that advance one’s life, so it is true with us as human beings. We are the magnet that must be positioned to attract the iron fillings. How do I attract people for the benefit of my success? The answer lies in preparation. Preparation is one segment of the preliminary work.

1. Know what you want for yourself and why. The “why” is your motivation and goal setting drive.
2. Understand your strengths and weakness. They help you stay focused being true to yourself as oppose to copying someone else’s model of success
3. Prepare for all options of outcome worst and best. To do so, consider the next 3 points.

The First Hour in the Morning

The first hour in the morning is the most important hour of the day. After a good night’s sleep, your mind is fresh. It is sharp, alert and ready to process. This is the time and golden opportunity to prepare for the rest of your day. Three things you can do in the early morning. One is write out your checklist for the day and review it. The second is read. Read something informational, uplifting, or educational. Henry Ward Beecher is famous for quoting, “The first hour is the rudder of the day” Finally, as an option to reading, take time to listen to something inspirational and empowering that will lead your mind to meditate on today’s goal and golden opportunity.

The Rest of the Day

Throughout the day, stay focused, and recognize when you are being distracted versus being in harmony with your morning goals and the work that is required of you today. Your internal triggers will alarm you of being taken off course and feeling slightly uncomfortable. Your internal triggers may also be reminding you of being encouraged by the reinforcements of your morning goals. The day’s goal should be reached even in the midst of unexpected barriers and emergencies. It is therefore advisable to always have other options in case the primary methods fail or get interrupted. For example, during your break time or a bathroom visit, reassess and think of your options. If you have to go to take a walk do so. This is part of being responsible and true to your task of priorities.

Turn Preparation into A Habit

If a person is to be successful, preparation is vital. A person should make it a habit of ensuring whatever they are doing should always be moving one’s self towards their goal(s). Studying helps one to prepare for success. It is interesting that even clothing brands such as Practice U are inspired of the idea – the more you practice, practice, practice, the better you will become, the better you will become. Without the practice of self-discipline, preparing for success will cause one to fall short. Keep up the good habits and never give up in putting in the work. Remember, before you can harvest anything, you have to plant some seeds first. That’s the law of nature in a nutshell.

Now go get some rest…afterwards take time to focus, reflect and move from self-examination to self-improvement.

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