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Pokémon And Toys: A Match Made In Heaven 

From video games to anime to live-action adaptations, the world just can’t get enough of Pokémon. It’s one of the very few videogame creations that has stood the test of time, along with Sonic and the Mario Bros.  

And one of the best things to come from Pokémon is the toys. Because of its publicity, almost everyone has owned or seen a Pokémon toy. Pokémon and toys are truly a match made in heaven. 

So if you are an avid fan or want to give your children some Pokemon toys, below are some of the best Pokémon toys you can give to kids and Pokémon fans alike.  

Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Carry Pokémon Belt 

If your child loves Pokémon so much, why not allow him to become a Master Pokemon Trainer with this Pokemon Clip ‘N’ Carry Pokemon Belt. This belt comes with two action figures, two Poke balls, and two attack tags. But if that is not enough for you, the belt can hold up to six Poke balls. And it can be readjusted to fit a large 4-year-old. 

Your child will surely feel like they’re a Pokemon trainer in real life with this belt around their waist. 

How to Draw Pokémon 

If your kid has an artistic side with them, they’ll surely love the How to Draw Pokémon book. With this book, anyone can learn to draw their favorite Pokemon, including Pikachu, everyone’s favorite Pokemon.  

The book gives detailed step-by-step instructions, with bonus features on how to draw some Pokemon in action. Other than drawing, this book can also be a coloring book for children. 

Pokémon Squirtle Soft Toy 

The Pokemon Squirtle soft toy is one of the most loved toys for young Pokemon fans. Like any typical soft toy, this one is perfect for kids one year and above. It’s cute, soft, and cuddly. Children will surely love to take it to bed with them at night and play games during the daytime. 

The best part is it’s easy to find in any Pokemon store like Pokemon Kuscheltiere and many more.  

Pokemon Super Action Figure 4 Pack  

If your kid is more into action figures, the Pokemon Super Action Figure 4 pack should suit him nicely. The set contains two detailed 2” figures. And two 4” Legendary articulated figures along with attack tags.  

With so many different sets to choose from, kids can easily find a set with their favorite Pokemon.  

Pokemon Mini Action Figure Set 

If you don’t have a large budget with you, the Pokemon Mini Action Figure Set should not be a problem. Why? Because it is a very inexpensive set that contains 24 1” random Pokemon pieces. It doesn’t sound special, but the good thing is it’s so cheap that you can easily buy it with pocket money. So, if your kid is getting into the hobby of Pokemon collection, this toy set is a swell place to start. 

Once they enjoy collecting, you can move on to giving them larger toys. You can also use these mini action figures as cake toppers for your child’s birthday. 

TOMY Pokémon Pokedex Trainer Kit 

If your child wants to become a Pokemon trainer like in the anime, get him the TOMY Pokemon Pokedex Trainer Kit. This toy set comes with a belt clip with Poke Balls, 15 Pokedex ID tags, a 2” Pikachu action figure, and a glove like the one Ash wears. And just like in the anime, the Pokedex and Pokedex ID tags will check the stats of different Pokemon. 


For two decades, Pokemon has remained popular even in today’s generation. And from the looks of it, it’s not going away anytime soon. So if you are an avid Pokemon fan, the toys above are some of the best ones you can give to your child or yourself. 


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