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5 Original Ideas for Vacationing in Santiago on a Budget

5 Original Ideas for Vacationing in Santiago on a Budget

Trips to other continents are exciting but expensive as well, or are they? If you are careful with your money and plan the adventure well, you can enjoy vacationing in Santiago on a budget. This marvelous city has a lot to offer in the ways of free and cheap entertainment.

5 Things to Do When Vacationing in Santiago on a Budget

1.      Climb the San Cristobal Hill

The hill San Cristobal offers the most magnificent view of Santiago. The climb takes a lot out of you, but there’s a funicular train for those who can’t make it on foot. This place is a fantastic spot to start your acquaintance with Santiago. From here you can see the splendor of the city below that you’ll get to explore during your stay. The hill also houses the biggest park in the city, Parque Metropolitano. Here you can enjoy two swimming pools, and visits to a zoo and Santiago’s largest botanic garden.

2.      Study Modern Art at GAM

GAM is the common name used for Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center. Dedicated to the first Latin-American woman who achieved the great honor of winning the Nobel Prize in Literature. The center runs an expo of modern art, which is free, and hosts a variety of interesting events. There’s a bookstore for those who want to bring an original momento from their trip.

3.      Visit Chilean Museums

When you are vacationing in Santiago on a budget, you can be sure that you’ll see all the most interesting museums. The vast majority of them are free, and those that require tickets are extremely cheap. For example, entry to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes costs $1. This particular museum does not only offer an amazing collection of art. It’s located at one of the most beautiful parks in Santiago. The Parque Forestal is a work of art in itself, so be sure to explore it at your leisure. Also, be sure to check out the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art. Here you can witness the marvel of exotic art native to the land.

4.      Study the Streets of Santiago

You can enjoy a great variety of free tours in Santiago. They will take you away from the popular tourist spots and show you the other side of Santiago. Be sure to walk with a guide as the city is huge and you can easily get lost in the maze of small streets. Santiago is also the home to some incredible street art pieces, so try to find a tour that’ll take you see them.

5.      Shop at the Local Markets

Vacationing in Santiago on a budget means that fine dining isn’t an option. However, you can enjoy fresh delicious foods from the city markets. Two of the best places to visit are Mercado Central and La Vega Central. The former is a beautiful historic building that dates back to 1872. Here, among elegant cast-iron railings, you can buy the best seafood in this part of Chile. The locals say that there’s no better cure for a hangover than some of the fish stew you can buy right here. La Vega Central is the best place to buy vegetables and fruits. All are grown locally and Santiago restaurants and cafes make their produce shopping here every morning.

Vacationing in Santiago on a Budget: Final Tips

Santiago is a very tourist-friendly destination, and it doesn’t matter what kind of budget you have for the trip. There are plenty of cheap hostels and cafes, as well as street food vendors. Entertainment here is affordable if you stay away from luxurious nightclubs and bars. Also, Santiago is a beautiful city where even a walk through the streets is an adventure.