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Pick Sticker & Co This Holiday Season For Your Holiday Cards & More! #StickerandCoHoliday 

I am excited to share a company with everyone that I know that I fell in love with and they are Sticker & Co. Sticker & Co is a company that creates beautiful fade-resistant and waterproof stickers that can be used for a variety of things. They are perfect for anyone with a small business like myself as I can create stickers with my company logo and use them to add to items in my work space or to leave around when I am out and about to support my business. They are also not only perfect for your personal needs and also perfect for the Holiday Season too. I admit that I was a sticker lover as a kid and that has carried through into my adult life & Sticker & Co’s customized photo stickers are everything to me and I love their entire selection of customizing options. Sticker & Co. are my new go-to for photo sticker printing and if you love them as much as I do… they will be your new go-to too. They have so many fabulous products to choose from including Sticker Greeting Cards, Sticker Collages, Pop-Up Grip Stickers, Wall Decals, Stocker Business Cards, Bumper Stickers and more. You create all of these with your own prized photos and/or digital assets and the end result are lots of wonderful photos sticker items that can be used in so many ways to customize and decorate your space.

Watch This Video Which Show How Sticker & Co. works…..

You can see that Sticker & Co is a fun way to create fabulous sticker items using your favorite photos. I love that their sticker creations are waterproof, fade-proof and durable so that they will last and I am making some customized stickers for the Holidays to use on my gifts, like photo gift tags. I am also going to make some of their Holiday Cards too. Yes… they even have Holiday Cards that are Sticker Greeting Cards made suing your favorite Holiday photo and that basically are peel away tom provide your recipient with a beautiful stocker photo and they do make a gift in themselves. I am still deciding which photos to use for both options but the photos stickers themselves and the Sticker Greeting Cards are a gift in themselves for whatever gift recipients I give them too. 

Now you may be wondering how difficult is it to make Sticker & Co products? It is pretty darn easy because if I can do it…anyone can. Making your custom sticker products for whatever you are looking to create at Sticker & Co is super easy too…..

First… Select a Product. You Start off by deciding which of Sticker & Co’s products you would like to make first. As mentioned above you can create your own photo collage, custom wall decals, custom die-cut stockers, or greeting cards. Sticker & Co also offers premade stock stickers for easy ordering which I love too.

Second…Upload your prized photos.  Now this is the step where you can directly upload your pictures or digital photos to the Sticker & Co website. These pictures can be family photos or any sort of digital image that you want to use. Once you upload those pictures and they have been added, you can then change the sizes of each and position in their editor section.

Third…. Complete the purchase. Once you have edited the photos for size and position in whatever it is that you are creating, you will now complete any sticker orders that you would like to make and then finalize the purchase. Sticker & Co will then prepare your custom sticker products and ship them straight to you in a super fast fashion. They actually ship really fast so you have plenty of time to make those stickers before the Holidays like I am doing.

As mentioned above, If you are a small business owner like myself, then Sticker & Co is perfect for your small business needs. Their customizable sticker options allow you to upload your photos and images and then turn those into high-quality, durable waterproof stickers that can be used however you choose. I love that Sticker & Co makes quality stockers that are fade resistant and waterproof and all in a variety of sticker options so that you can personalize your things to fit your business mantra or logo. You can can create bumper stickers, business card stickers and logo stickers perfect for promoting your event or business.

I love Sticker & Co’s sticker designs too. They have anything that you can think of… food stickers to use on your containers, aesthetic stickers that can used to dress up anything, educational stickers with fabulous little fun sayings, animal stickers for the kids to use to dress up their school supplies and even Ruth Bader Ginsburg stickers and so much more.

I am also loving their customizable Popsocket Stickers for our phones and I know that my kids will love them even more. They will make a great stocking stuffer and I am ordering a few of these to add to my kids stockings so that they can add to their phones and customize them. I am going to take a few of their favorite photos from earlier this year and make some custom photo grip stickers that they will love. These are a great way to take your memories with you wherever you go with your phone!

So what do you think of Sticker & Co? Are you like myself and have loved stickers since you were young? Or do you simply like the idea of customizable sticker photos that can be customized and made into a variety of styles and shapes & used however you need? I highly recommend their Holiday Sticker Greeting Cards, New Years Cards, Sticker Photo Collages PLUS I am loving the idea of creating personalized Holidays Gift Tags PLUS stocking stuffers by customizing and creating some Photos Grip Stickers for the kids. The possibilities are endless when it coms to Sticker & Co and this is a fun and creative way to share your favorite moments with friends and family this Holiday Season so check them out today! You still have time to order and have them delivered before the Holidays so get to ordering and use the code below to save!

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