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Top Tips For Saving Money On Your Next Smartphone When You Have A Poor Credit Rating

Keeping up with the latest smartphone developments may seem somewhat essential these days. This is especially true as the world becomes ever more reliant on technology. 

Organizations favour the use of online form-filling and customer support is increasingly moving to become almost entirely online. All of these changes make it easier for us to get things done in life. But if we don’t have access, then it can be restrictive. 

50% of the world’s population has a smartphone.  They offer convenience and an access to useful, life-changing tools and information. 

But when your phone breaks down and you can’t afford a new one, how do you keep up with life?

Here are some top tips for saving money on your next smartphone.

Getting A Contract With A Bad Credit Rating

One of the most cost-effective ways of owning your own smartphone is by taking out a contract. Contracts allow you to spread out the cost of the handset over a period of time, usually two years. They are also often cheaper when it comes to calling and data costs. 

But if you’ve got a bad credit rating, you may find that you get turned down for the phone that you want. You could try and change the handset or the terms of the contract to see if the lower monthly price may be accepted. However, you need to proceed with caution as every credit check that you have will leave a mark on your file which may affect future checks. 

One great option is to search for companies that offer bad credit phone contracts. You may find a specifically packaged phone contract that may not have the newest top of the range phone attached, but you will find something that will suit your needs at a very reasonable price. 

Go SIM-Only

If lowering your monthly calling and data costs is something that you need to do, then you could opt to go SIM-only. Many of these options will require no credit check. 

With this option, you will be able to make calls and get online. There are lots of different SIM-only deals. Some will provide you with a basic contract which you will need to pay each month. This will give you a regular allowance of calls and data. Often, these will be at great prices.

On occasions, you may find contracts that last for as little as one month. These can be useful if you are looking for a short term stop gap while you get your finances in order to get a new, full phone contract. 

You may also choose to opt for a pay-as-you-go SIM option that will allow you to pay for the calls and data that you use. This is only a cost-effective solution if you are a very light mobile phone user. 

Buying A Used Phone

New smartphones can be very expensive. The latest tech will often be slimmed down with bigger, clearer screens. They will have faster processing and additional storage space. Many will make use of the latest biometric security techniques to help you protect your handsets.

Smartphone manufacturers are under continuous pressure to keep bringing out new handsets all of the time. Every year, a new flagship device will be released by all of the major manufacturers. Alongside these, there will be budget variations. 

The budget handsets often have many of the features of their flagship counterparts. They can make a reasonable alternative that can save you money. However, these may only be an option if you use a no credit check contract. 

Buying a used mobile phone is often a better solution. 

Buying used smartphones means that you are helping reduce the amount of tech waste. Often, when phones are replaced, they end up getting thrown away, despite having plenty of use left in them. 

There are some things that you should look out for when buying a used phone:

*Make sure that the operating system is still supported

*Check that a full factory reset has been carried out

*Ensure the phone has not been reported stolen by using an online stolen phone checker

*If you are buying from a company, find out if they offer a warranty 

Smartphone Ownership Needn’t Cost The Earth

It may be tempting to try and keep up with the latest smartphone trends. But ask yourself realistically what features you will require from your smartphone. 

Often, the ability to get online, make calls, download apps, take photos, and use social media is enough for anyone. If you need to save money, remember to prioritize your needs over what you may want.

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  • Edna Williams

    Keeping life in order is very difficult these days without a smartphone. Unfortunately, not everyone can have great credit for a variety of reasons, so for that reason, your post is very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

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