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Personalized Jewelry For Him | The 5 Best Custom Jewelry For Men

It is often very difficult to find men’s jewelry which is often ignored whenever it comes to jewelry design or what style to get. Perhaps you’re unsure about what products to pick or to know the quality of the item you are planning to buy. But don’t worry we have your back. We have 5 best custom jewelry for men mentioned in this article so read on to get more information

1. Men’s nameplate necklace

Nameplate or Name Necklaces are a piece of jewelry that has your name carved on the nameplate of the necklace. It represents your identification.

The name necklace can be personalized according to your needs. But majorly the important thing is the font you want because that is what people will be read from your necklace. Then comes the language you desired to be written. Mostly it is in English and Arabic but you can customize it according to your choice. 

You can also have a heartbeat before or after the name, however, you prefer to wear it. There is an option of adding a birthstone with the nameplate of the necklace. You don’t need to write your name; you can get two names on the necklace with a heart or birthstone in between.

2. Engraved Bar Necklace

An engraved bar necklace refers to a bar attached to the necklace and that bar has engraved your own or loved one’s name. It comes in the 3D shape and curved bar necklace, flat vertical bar, double bar name necklaces, and many more. 

You don’t have to get a name engraved but you can also use a special date or a short quote, whatever is closed to your heart. There are different chain styles that you can design it with like a “Y” shaped circle necklace or crossbar necklace. It also comes in multiple colors. Most of them are silver gold and rose gold. 

3. Initial Necklace

The meaning behind the initial necklace is very beautiful and antique. In old times, Greek cities used to have initials on coins and this represented their ruler that time and later on, when the currency was discovered, they used to identify the region of which country it originated from. You can find the perfect chain to wear with this piece too which will make this the ultimate gift for that special man in your life. You can check jewelry necklaces from ItsHot to find the perfect chain and more.

Like other necklaces, it comes in many varieties. It comes in different forms and shapes. A Horseshoe necklace and birthstone are one of them. An interesting fact that you can even personalize it with 3 initials monogram necklace altogether in one necklace. You can also add up a diamond in between two letters. There are many shaped letters customized however you want them. Besides, it comes in multiple colors.

4. Men’s leather bracelet with custom beads

Personalized mens bracelet with custom beads represents how deep and infinite the cycle of relationship you have with your loved ones when you wear it on your wrist. 

Men wearing leather bracelets, in general, look very modern. The leather bracelet mostly has a braided strap but in different types of braid with custom beads which can have letters or even names engraved onto it. The color of the leather or beads can be customized according to what you like. 

5. Yin yang necklace 

The yin yang symbol is a full circle made up of black and white colors that are placed opposite each other, separated by an “s” shape. It represents the balance in our world that there is always something good in bad and something bad is good. 

This couples matching necklace is usually for couples with their birthstone on it. It can be personalized to a couple of hearts, infinity, cross pendant necklaces, and many more.

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