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Why You Should Not Go Cheap When Getting Plastic Surgery

The desire to get plastic surgery is reinforced day in day out on social media, tv shows, and films. Pair this with the constant offers and discounts that come with marketing pretty much anything, and you will be forgiven for thinking a two-for-one discount on breast implants is a great deal. 

That being said, offers are not always what they are cracked up to be, and traveling to a different country to undergo a serious procedure may leave you with more problems than you bargained for. 

This piece will discuss why you should not go cheap when looking into undergoing cosmetic surgery and the risks you could face if you do.

Cutting Costs Elsewhere

In order to give you a deal on plastic surgery, costs will be cut somewhere. And while it would be nice to believe it comes out of profit, the likelihood is that it will come out of factors that should not be scrimped on. 

Anesthesia is an example of this, as some unqualified practitioners will opt for using local anesthetic instead of general. This can not only leave you uncomfortable, but complications can occur, too, such as swelling or an allergic reaction at the injection site. 


Having your procedure performed by an unlicensed practitioner can increase your risk of infection, many of which can become serious and even deadly. Trained and licensed professionals will always ensure adequate preparation and recovery time to make sure you have the best experience and the lowest chance of infection or complications. 

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can be a serious issue when it comes to surgery, some of which can stick around for the rest of your life, irreparable. Many unlicensed practitioners can cause damage while performing a certain procedure, which can leave you worse off than you began with. Symptoms of nerve damage include but are not limited to;

*Numbness and tingling

*Sharp pains

*Feelings similar to electrical shocks

*Muscle weakness

Depending on the nerve damage, it might also prevent you from feeling serious conditions such as a heart attack and can cause other unpleasant side effects such as bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and bowel problems such as constipation. 

To avoid the damaging effects of surgery gone wrong, be sure to always see a licensed surgeon and insured practice, and be sure to go to a few consultations to ask all of the questions you have. If the vibe feels off or you are not 100% sure it is the place for you – do not risk it. Do your research prior to breast augmentation in Newport Beach, CA, and pick companies that have the credentials they need. 

Poor Results

As if the health complications are not enough to scare you, the thought of coming out from the operation with a look worse off than when you went in might be! A surgery that has ‘gone wrong’ can leave you more dissatisfied with your appearance than you were, to begin with, and you will end up paying more money to get it fixed from somewhere else.

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