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Organizing a Fun Day Out with Friends: Ideas to Inspire You

Friends are so important, but we don’t always do a good job of demonstrating this. Once we reach adulthood and our time gets monopolized by family, work, and banality, we have a habit of letting our friendships drift.

Often, we don’t realize we’ve done it until it’s too late; until a distance has grown up between us and the people we were closest to. But this isn’t some unavoidable consequence of getting older. Friendships can be maintained – you just need to put some work into them.   

We don’t mean anything laborious. Spending time with friends can and should be fun. Often the best way to do it is with a gesture, and organizing something for you and your friends to enjoy together is a great way to show your appreciation.

So what should you arrange? Here are a few fun ideas to try.

Arrange a spa day

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Few things in life are as relaxing as a dedicated spa day. You can leave the kids with dad, turn off your phone, and concentrate on recharging your batteries for a few hours. It’s even more effective when you do it with friends, so invite a few of your closest along with you. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time together – and without any distractions to take your focus away from each other. Laugh, vent, commiserate, and have fun. You’ll feel so much better once you’re done. According to Bustle.com, your trip will even come with a few proven health benefits.  

Plan a trip to the races

As we age, it can feel like we have less and less opportunity to look glamorous. If this is a feeling you can relate to, why not give you and your friends a chance to get dressed up to the nines and go out together? If this sounds like your idea of a good time, a day at the races is just the ticket.

Half the fun is placing a bet, and you can now do this either at the track or online. The latter offers some especially attractive deals, and there are entire directory sites dedicated to showcasing these. Bonusfinder.com is just one example, but it will give you plenty of options if you fancy a flutter to go with that glass of champagne.    

Organize a dinner party

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Another nice way to catch up is to all have dinner together. While you can do this at your favorite restaurant, sometimes it’s even better to spend time together at home. Not only do you get to show off your cooking prowess (if you have any; if not, a takeaway is fine), but you can take the conversation through to more comfortable settings once you’re done.

A bottle or two of wine are a welcome addition, but the most important part of the equation is obviously your guests. Choose a few of your girlfriends you know you’ll have fun with and invite them over for delicious food, lots of laughter, and the chance to have an idyllic evening together. You can find some great recipes for inspiration at JamieOliver.com.

How will you choose to treat your friends? Make the effort to reach out, and we guarantee it will be very much appreciated.

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  • megan allen

    Spa day is what I need ! It’s very hard for my other mom friends and I to all get a day to do something fun! Thanks for the tips!

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