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7 Ways to Make Your Home Free of Mold

The problem of mold has been there for ages. It is most rampant during the cold season. Molds can be dangerous since they are a health risk. Apart from health issues like respiration, recurrent headaches, eye discomfort, and nasal infections, it is also hazardous to your house.

Mold flourishes in humid conditions and especially where there is no proper ventilation. It is more rampant during winter when doors and windows are closed to keep the cold out. Over time gathered-up humid air condenses and makes a conducive environment for mold formation. It is thus prudent to make sure you keep your home free from mold and you can hire mold inspection North Carolina to help. Below are seven ways to make your home free of mold

1)Always keep the doors shut

Molds thrive in a moist environment. Therefore, the doors to places like the kitchen and bathroom where there is frequent use of water should be closed to confine moisture. It stops the steam from moving around the entire house. It is the condensation of air on home surfaces that results in the development of molds. 

2)Control water leakage

It is needful to frequently check for any pipe leaks or openings on the surfaces of your house that can bring about an influx of excess moisture. The usual places you need to check are around the washing machines, sinks, drainage pipes, and toilets. Do this without forgetting to examine any leakage on household items that deal with water, for instance, kettles and showers. 

3)Open the windows

During the cold seasons, it is a norm to keep the house tightly shut to prevent an inflow of cold or loss of heat. However, it is advisable you air out your house by having sufficient ventilation. It checks the accumulated moisture from condensing that causes the growth of molds. To help the flow of air when cooking or showering, briefly keep the windows open or else fit your house with air retrofit ventilation. 

4)Unclutter your home

Air circulation is crucial in curbing the growth of mold. It is needful to create space by getting rid of unwanted stuff in the house. Items stuffed all your home occupy space and minimize air circulation in your house. Getting rid of unused things will always help in air circulation. Hence it is prudent to unclutter for a home free of mold.

5)Use dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a device for removing the moisture content from the air. As a result of lowering humidity levels, your house becomes a less contributive environment for mold growth. Regular use of the dehumidifier clears the excess air moisture in your home. Since the appliance comes in different sizes and prices, acquiring one that is convenient will help in making your home free from mold.

6)Thorough housecleaning

There is a likelihood of finding mold patched in your home. It is not a difficult task to clear it up. There is a range of products in the market for mold cleaning. Alternatively, you can prepare some solutions at home. For instance, you can use all-natural cleaning vinegar for porous and non-porous surfaces. It has always been quite effective in removing molds and is also safe to use. It is locally available in the supermarkets. All you are required to do is spray and scrub. Undoubtedly, regular cleaning will keep your home free of mold.

7)Mold killer and prevention products

In addition to the above measures to take in curbing the problem of mold, you can make use of the anti-mold products. There is a range of products found in the market. For instance, you can make use of mold killer spray or apply anti-mold paint in your home for a long term solution. These products can keep mold growth away for years.

In conclusion, molds are not only a nuisance in your home but also pose a health hazard. You should observe keeping the doors shut, control water leakage, open the windows, unclutter the house, use a dehumidifier, do thorough housecleaning, and make use of mold killer and prevention products. As a result, you will have a home that is free of mold.

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