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Organize & Maximize Your Kitchen Space Like A Pro With Smart Design ~ Solutions For Everything Home!

If you visit Deliciously Savvy often then you know that I love to cook and create yummy, good-for-you recipes for my family. It is also no secret that the kitchen is my favorite room in the house as for me and my family the kitchen is also the heart of the home. My love for all things home and kitchen are the reason I jumped at the chance to work with Smart Design which provides solutions for everything home. I absolutely love Smart Design and their product line of storage solutions because their products are high quality, built to last and they help to maximize the spaces of my smaller home and kitchen which is everything to me. Keep reading to learn more about the products I picked up from Smart Design to help me organize and maximize my kitchen space and why they are must haves for your kitchen too.

First let me start off by telling you a bit about Pro-Mart the makers of Smart Design. For over half a century, Pro-Mart has been making people’s lives more convenient by offering smarter home storage and organizational solutions. They have set the bar high with a standard of excellence, quality, and value in developing thousands of products that help consumers optimize the organization of their homes, offices, and lives. I can attest to this as everything I own by Smart Design, and that I use in my new home, is well made to last for years and years to come and all without breaking the bank too.

Smart Design Expandable Plastic Drawer Organizer

So the first thing I picked up from Smart Design was their Expandable Plastic Drawer Organizer. It has been years since I purchased a new one of these and reorganizing and cleaning up that drawer has been long overdue. When I saw this beautiful piece from Smart Design I knew that I needed this for my cutlery drawer to keep everything organized and in its place. I love that this one is expandable so that it covers the entire drawer from side to side giving me more room for my many utensils, knives and more. I also appreciate that this piece is made from high quality BPA free plastic with non-slip inserts that keep to it locked in place.

You can see that the drawer before was messy and yucky looking above. The before and afters are striking and this drawer now looks so nice when I open it up to grab something. It actually makes me smile a bit as I know that it looks fresh and organized inside.

There is a space for everything now with this Expandable Plastic Drawer Organizer from Smart Design. I also have to note that there is another expandable tray on the right side that pulls out and provides you with even more storage space that I am not even using as my drawer is not wide enough. If you happen to have a wider drawer than mine… this expandable organizer is perfect for you too as it expands even wider that what I am using it for in the picture above. In fact the left side pops out more than what I am using it for as well. All in all it is 13-23.625 x 16 x 2.15 inches (W x D x H).

Smart Design Chrome Dish Drainer Rack

Next up is the Smart Design Chrome Dish Drainer Rack. This unit is just pretty and I wanted something to use for drying on my countertop and this one was perfect. You can use this in-sink or for counter drying as the plastic drain board protects my counters perfectly from any dripping water that occurs while the washed dishes are drying. I use my dishwasher for everything usually, but I do have a mug or two, some knives and pots and pans that I do not put into the dishwasher making this rack the perfect place for them to rest while air drying after a wash.

I love the sturdy design too that Smart Design provided with this dish rack set. It is a sturdy Chrome Folding Dish Drainer with a plastic drain board that has two tiers that fit a variety of dishes, mugs and more. You can store dishes, cups, plates and more on each side safely and securely when not in use due to this pieces solid and sturdy design.

I also love that Smart Design thought about protecting your counters or even sink when designing this set. The folding dish drainer with drain board and plastic feet will save the countertops from scratching when using it plus the plastic drain board keeps your kitchen dry and mess free too. The design is made to last too as this is a sturdy piece that folds up and unfolds as needed with ease.

So what do you think of these pieces from Smart Design?! Are you like me and looking for the right tools to have on hand in your kitchen to help organize your space all while maximizing the space you have throughout?! Smart Design is my go-to for all of my storage needs when it comes to my kitchen so make sure to check them out as there is so much more than these two pieces. They have other varieties of drawer organizers and dish racks…plus so much more. They have products to keep you covered in the kitchen, laundry, storage solutions for any room of your home and even cleaning and specialty products for the car and more. Check out Smart Design today and check them out on social media PLUS save 15% using code DSAVVY at the checkout!

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  • Whitney Stewart

    I’m definitely in desperate need of a better organized kitchen, because well… storage is sparse and the kitchen counter space is very limited as well. So this could help me, at least a fraction! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • mcushing7

      I am with you…and have to make the most out of every inch of space in our home and especially in the kitchen! These products help tremendously and they have a wonderful over the door organizer that I added to my pantry and it gave me so much more space for items! Check out their site… they have lots for you to choose from 😉


    These are really great products to help keep the kitchen tidy and organised. The dishrack and drainboard will be useful I don’t have one of those yet.

  • Karen

    I am obsessed with organizing my kitchen and making sure it is always kept neat and fresh. Thank you for the tips.

  • jupiterhadley

    I need a cutlery organiser so badly! I find that the drawer gets really filled with stuff that just doesn’t have much of a home.

    • mcushing7

      I am so with you and that can totally happen to us all! Check out this drawer organizer and they also have additional styles too! It is so handy!

    • mcushing7

      Make sure to check out Smart Design…. they have so many amazing products nd I do love this dish rack with the plastic pan…. it keeps my counters mess free!

  • rhianwestbury

    We love our cutlery and drawer organisers. As we bought our kitchen from Ikea we have inserts that fit perfectly and it makes it so much easier to find things x

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