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Never Worry About Your Pet’s Health Care Again With Eusoh @geteusoh

Eusoh Community Health Coverage

It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I am all about family and the most definitely includes my furry family members as well. It is important to me that everyone in my home has good healthcare coverage in the event we need it and that same rule applies to my furry pets as well which is why I had to share Eusoh with everyone that I know. You can also read this Eusoh Full Review. Eusoh is not pet insurance.. it is actually much better. It is a community health sharing plan that reimburses you for your pet’s medical expenses, wellness, illness and routine care expenses anytime that you use it. Take a look at the video below which gives you a better understating of how Eusoh works and why you need it for your furry family members.

So you may be wondering exactly how Eusoh works. Well, Eusoh’s community health plan offers comprehensive coverage for a fraction of the cost of a traditional insurance policy for your pets. With Eusoh, you will never pay more than the monthly max… which means no more rising premiums for you. And with Eusoh, you will get reimbursed for wellness expenses and routine veterinary visits at no additional cost which is huge and when. you compare Eusoh to most pet insurance plans… they are able to offer community coverage for your pets.. for much less which is everything to me. A penny saved is a penny earned so definitely check out Eusoh for your pet care needs. Take a look at the chart below to see the savings as compared to a pet insurance policy that can cost $80 per month on average which is $480 for a 6 month premium. This way you can see the savings….

Eusoh savings

You can see above… the Eusoh fee is $17 a month versus the $80 a month insurance premium. Even with the additional funds contributed towards your pets care… it is still lower than traditional insurance premiums and in total saves you 40%.

Now… here is how Eusoh works.

Step #1: Go To Your Vet… the same trusted vet that you always love taking your furry family members to.

Step #2: Pay For Your Services……When you go to your vet, you will pay for the expenses up front and then submit your invoice and receipt to the Eusoh community for reimbursement.

Step #3: Submit a Receipt….Simply take a photo on your receipt showing the total amount spent at the vets office.

Step 4: Get Reimbursed…. Your reimbursement amount is based on national average pricing plus a variance to account for differences in pricing across the country.

How Eusoh Works

That is it. You simply get reimbursed after submitting your receipt to the Eusoh community. Easy peasy and super perfect for ensuring every member of your household is covered and that they have the coverage needed for wellness visits, routine check ups as well as illness and emergency visits.

The reason Eusoh is better than pet insurance is that there are NO rising premiums, NO networks to bother with, and they are totally transparent, provide access to a community of other pet loving families, and all while providing better coverage and easy reimbursements. Their community coverage covers everything that your pet can need….Injuries, Illness, Congenital Issues, Surgeries, Annual Checkups, Prescribed Medications, Cancer, Alternative Treatments, Hereditary Conditions and Wellness Care.

Eusoh The Care We Share

So what do you think of Eusoh and their Community Coverage that is better and priced more affordably than traditional pet insurance?! With Eusoh you can stop worrying and start saving plus rest assured that making those hard decisions in the vets office due to cost is truly a thing of the past as their coverage is there for you and your furry family members at a cost you can afford. Check out Eusoh today and join their community to start saving on you furry family members health and wellness visits and more!

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