Common Workout Mistakes
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Common Workout Mistakes You Should Avoid For Faster Results

You already know the importance of regular physical activity for your health and wellbeing. Research has shown that regular exercising isn’t only helpful for keeping your flexibility and strength to perform your daily activities. While regular exercising is beneficial for reducing your risk of health conditions like diabetes and other heart-related heart diseases, a recent CDC report suggests that only 23% of Americans workout regularly. However, your training won’t be practical for achieving your fitness goals if you commit these common mistakes.

1) Overtraining

It is common to see new exercisers overtraining, especially in an “all or nothing” society. Even people who have lived a sedentary lifestyle for almost their entire life will want to outrun Frank Shorter in the shortest possible time. However, the thirst for instant results can be dire, especially when you want it all without a feasible plan or an experienced instructor. It is okay to get out of your comfort zone, yet attempting to power your way through may result in an injury or prevent you from achieving your fitness and wellness goals. Listen to your body. Know when to push your limits and get adequate rest for proper recovery.

2) Taking your phone along

Like almost all daily activities, it is vital to limit your distractions to ensure you use your time efficiently. The same applies to your workout routines. There is a possibility of distraction if you take your phone along to the gym. You may be tempted, now and then, to check a notification, get caught up watching videos, or following the latest news trending on various social media platforms. This can affect the effectiveness and your attitude towards your exercise routine for the day. If it’s necessary to carry your phone, ensure to limit its usage during your routine. It is okay if you rely on your phone for your workout music or take footage of your workout. However, it is advisable to find practical ways to avoid interrupting your workout flow.

3) Skipping warm-up

Your muscles and other connective tissues are like elastic bands. They can snap when cold and can be elastic and flexible when heated. That is what happens to your connective tissues and muscles during your pre-workout routine—warming up before your main workout helps prepare your heart, lungs, and muscles for physical activity. Warm-ups are additionally helpful in managing any injury risks that may affect your workout goals. Increase your muscle and overall body temperature to promote blood flow. Increased blood flow is beneficial for improving circulation and muscle flexibility.

4) Making no room for recovery

It is true that no pain, no gain, yet exercising is to achieve performance and not soreness. Overtraining means denying your body the time needed to heal and recover. This doesn’t only increase your burnout risks but makes you more susceptible to injuries. Your body develops during the rest days as muscle fibers repair and grow. For this reason, it is essential to add recovery days to your workout plan for more optimized performance. Besides setting recovery days, consider splitting your exercises for enhanced performance and proper muscle recovery. Need help to do this? You can schedule your push muscle exercises for Mondays and Fridays and your pull muscle training in between. You can have your cardio training on Saturday, leaving out Sundays and Wednesdays for recovery.

5) No consistency

It is tempting to attempt everything to ensure you achieve your fitness goals. However, creating a fitness routine and sticking to it can quickly help you get the right results. Consistency and using the proper technique are vital to maximizing your workout. For this reason, you have to select the correct methods that align with your workout goals. For example, while many run to control their weight, doing so regularly may only help you build stamina and strength. High-Intensity Interval Training is excellent if you intend to lose body fat. You may likewise try resistance training, either with kettlebells, barbells, or dumbbells. However, here are some upper body exercises you can do with dumbbells if you are looking to train multiple muscle groups simultaneously,

6) Training without fuel

It is common to see people hit the gym and train without eating. However, this does more harm than good. Normal blood sugar levels ensure that the body’s energy requirements are met for a more effective workout. Additionally, it manages blood flow to your stomach for food digestion which is helpful for oxygen delivery to your muscles during exercising. To efficiently fuel your body for your workout, consume carbs and foods rich in protein and do so less than 45 minutes before your workout. Oatmeal, fresh fruits, and whole wheat crackers are great pre-workout foods you should consider.

7) Skipping fluid intakes

Dehydration can affect your performance significantly. During exercises, your body is stressed due to rising temperatures, so fluids are essential for proper stress management. Adequate fluid intake keeps your joints lubricated and minimizes any potential inflammation risks. Additionally, fluids help transport energy nutrients and flush out metabolic wastes for a more effective workout. The body generates a lot of metabolic waste during intense workouts, which is why you should consume a lot of water from foods like strawberries, oranges, tomatoes, and cucumbers. These are all water-rich foods good for your pre and post-workout fueling.

8) of proper sleep and rest

Get between six to eight hours of sleep if you want your body to perform at optimum levels. Sleep is also beneficial for keeping your energy levels but useful for facilitating muscle recovery and development. Likewise, it is excellent for keeping your ghrelin in check and preventing you from undoing your workout efforts with poor food choices. Research has also proven that adequate sleep is ideal for strengthening the immune system, improving mood, and other aspects of your life. Although today’s living demands so much multitasking, getting proper rest and sleep time is vital.

It is okay to break some sweat in the gym, but that isn’t enough to put your body in a healthier state. Avoid these common workout mistakes to reap the full benefits of working out and reaching your fitness goals faster. Set your fitness goals for the short and long term. While you can get a personal trainer, there are several online resources to maximize your workout.