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Gift Your Pet An undercollar® & Never Let Your Pet Be Without Their ID!

I am excited to share that we recently adopted a new dog just under 2 months ago and we are a bit obsessed with him! His name is Jax and he is a Feist Chihuahua mix and just around 3 years old. He is so handsome and when we were looking online for rescues to adopt we fell in love with his picture and knew that he was a great fit for our home and family. Before you know it we had taken the hour trip to the shelter to meet him and instantly we were attached. Jax immediately came home with us and now we have a new canine member of the family and he is a fabulous addition. Now for us, our pets are family which is why once we adopted Jax, we knew we needed lots of supplies for him to make him feel right at home. We got him a new crate, a few new dog beds, some toys, food bowls, a good flea collar, a harness and a few leashes plus some bully sticks and dog treats for training purposes. I have to admit I was a bit bummed to learn that Jax was never microchipped during his time in the shelter which is why I was looking for a better alternative or a non invasive alternative. In comes undercollar®, which is a collar that acts as a microchip in the event your dog is lost and I knew that I had to get one for Jax to give it a try. Let’s take a look at all of the features of this fabulous collar that is a must have for anyone with a pet…..

Now, you may be wondering…. how does the undercollar® work? Well, every undercollar® has a unique QR code that can be scanned in the event your pet is lost. Once you get the undercollar®, you will want to scan the QR code to activate and setup your pets personal profile. In less than five minutes, you will have created a custom profile that has everything there is to know about your dog…. think your phone number, address, photos and any necessary and pertinent medical information.

The undercollar® is the only Stretch QR Code Pet Tag ID Collar and it’s a fabulous stretchy collar that slips right over your pets head and that sits comfortably around their neck. It’s available in several colors and sizes so that there is the perfect undercollar® for your pets needs and the best part is that when anyone scans the tag…. they will see your pets profile so that they are able to contact you in the event your pet is lost! Setting up the pet profile is super easy to do too via the website and anytime that you need to update your pets profile, you can do so with ease.

Now let’s say Jax gets way from me, which is totally possible as he is a hunting dog through and through and is easily distracted by other dogs, the deer, chipmunks, squirrels and more throughout our neighborhood. In the event Jax was to get away from us…. undercollar® will send me an email alert with the GPS map location of where Jax was scanned so that I can track him down with ease. And you get all of this with no monthly subscriptions or fees at all. There is the ability to upgrade your plan, but I am sticking with the free service as it does exactly what I need when it comes to protecting my pet.

I love that there are two forms of ID on each undercollar®. On one side of the band is a unique QR code and on the other side is a clear window for a hand written name tag with my pets name, my name and my phone number. I also love that I receive instant GPS email alerts when the undercollar® is scanned with a smartphone too.

Now you may be thinking that if your pet is already microchipped, that they will not need an undercollar but that is farthest from the truth. An undercollar® PLUS a microchip is the best solution to keeping your pets safe. As mentioned above setting up your pets profile online is a breeze and only takes a few minutes of your time and you can store all of your pets information on there including photos and medical records.

The undercollar® is super nice looking and I love that there are no buckles or loops on it and no more noisy jingly tags. The collar simply slips right over your pets head and it’s meant to be worn at all times…. 24 hours a day. It is waterproof and hand washable and the soft stretchy band is super comfy and lightweight too. You get everything you need including a permanent marker, extra waterproof strips for updating or renewing the collars information and this wonderful undercollar® is patent pending too!

So what do you think of the undercollar®?! Are you a pet owner that is looking to ensure their pets safety in the event they are lost….even if your pet is microchipped and especially if they are not!? The undercollar® is the perfect solution and simply upgrades your pets protection by having both the microchip and the undercollar® working together and it is a nice looking collar too! Check out the undercollar® today and Never Let Your Pet Be Without Their ID!


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