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My Savvy Review Of Vont Starry Fairy Lights ~ The Perfect Way To Light Up Your Home!

My husband and I bought our new home and seriously… there is nothing better and I have to admit that it was a long time coming. We are transitioning from my in laws home to our new home and bringing more of our belongings with us each time that we go for visits to the new house. We are also helping my in laws to sell their own home while the market is hot, which is why we are taking our time transitioning into the new home as the new house is close to theirs and they still need our help around the house. Now with each visit to our new home…. we are finding the need to start dressing the space up and one of the things that is important to me when decorating my home is the lighting which is the reason I jumped at the chance to work with Vont! Vont carries an array of lighting solutions such as night lights, fairy string lights, motion night lights, faux candles and tea lights, clip lights and more.

Vont Fairy String Lights

I had the chance to try Vont’s Starry Fairy Lights and they are fabulous. I will definitely be picking up more of them as I can use them in so many spaces of my home for a subtle warm glow that looks amazing. First… let me stress that I like how Vont makes their Starry Fairy Lights. Vont string lights are made to last and are safe and easy to use. Most other string lights are made with smaller LED lights and with less copper wiring making them easy to break and possibly cause a fire. Vont is different as they make their string lights with 3 copper wires that are plates and sealed so that they are durable and fire proof with safety certifications. They stay cool to the touch with is of the utmost importance to me and also weather proof making them perfect for using outdoors as well!

Vont Fairy String Lights

I love that Vont’s Starry Fairy String Lights are shapeable, wrappable, bendable and durable. They make them this way intentionally so that you can easily wrap them around your patio furniture, curtains, wall decor, art, furniture, trees, bushes and more. They are perfect for my using in Photo Shoots and more for work and they add the perfect touch of lighting without breaking, wrapping or leaving hot spots. These string lights are a nice 66 feet long and has over 200 LEDS for optimal lighting.

Vont Fairy String Lights

Our new home is a Chalet style home and these lights add the perfect touch of brightness as they are for sure the best fairy lights on the market that I have seen. They are perfect for adding a lovely glow in the dark corners of any room in your home… think Christmas Trees and so much more! My daughter wants to use this set in her room to create a wall collage of her and all of her friends pictures and these lights will add the perfect glow to the space…. giving it a bright and enchanting feel.

Vont Fairy String Lights

Vont Fairy String Lights

Vont’s Starry Fairy Lights are made to be stylish and versatile too. Whether you want to use them in your children’s room or nursery, for holiday decor use, for jazzing up your space via decor with a bright flair, or even to use in your office space to create a cool DIY photo studio with a fun pop of light…. these string lights are the perfect choice. I love that not only can they be used indoors… but also outdoors and the upgraded on and off button that these lights come with make them a breeze to use as you do not have to unplug them anymore when shutting them off. You can simply turn them on and off with the handy switch upgrade.

Vont Fairy String Lights

So what do you think of Vont and their fabulous Starry Fairy String Lights? Are you looking for some cool string lights to create some beautiful illuminated decor for you room or home? Look no further than Vont as their lights are the best on the market and all at a great price too. Vont also backs up their lights with a Lifetime Warranty which is everything to me as it speaks volumes about the brands quality. Check out Vont Starry Fairy String lights today and also check out all fo their amazing lighting products available on their website and on Amazon!

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