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How To Love Taking Single Malt Scotch

Single malt Scotch symbolizes style, class, as well as sophistication. This is what fine-suited gentlemen take. Common among people who love class, single malt Scotch will take your whiskey-taking experience to another level. Ideal for go-to gifting parties, Single malt Scotch will make your bar shopping cart complete. However, it’s important to get the most out of your Single malt Scotch. Here are practical tips that will help you sip your Single malt Scotch like a pro.

The Basics

What’s Scotch? Why is it so special? Well, scotch is a uniquely distilled spirit that comes from fermented grains. The production of scotch is very explicit. In particular, it must be aged and bottled in Scotland. Still more, scotch is guided by the Scotch Whisky Regulations. These regulations specify the type of grains allowed, the max strength permitted the minimum aging time, as well as the vessel. According to experts, Scotch carries a lot of significance.  

Use Unpeated Scotch

According to experts, not every scotch whiskey you get on the market is peated. Of course, most of them are peated. About 5-16 percent are peated. In most distillation companies, coal is used during the heating of barley (the malting process). According to experts, unpeated Scotch whisky will work well for beginners. This is because they come with a better aroma. Still more, they possess flavors that are easy for beginners. Remember, peated whiskey can be too aggressive, making beginners shy away from them. Unpeated whiskey is friendlier. It’s like talking bear with a beverage to make it softer

Think Speyside, Lowlands Whiskies

Scotch whiskey can only be produced in six regions. Each of these regions produces unique whiskey. In particular, Islay is known for producing salty and heavily peated Scotch styles. If you are a new Scotch, these types of Whiskeys can be harsh to you. If you want to get introduced to Scotch, think Speyside. These whiskeys come with honey as well as vanilla notes. Still more, you can try Lowland’s light and mild whisky.

Understand The Scotch Smell

Aroma defines the type of Scotch whiskey you take. However, you cannot smell it by just sniffing into the glass full of whiskey. This can lead to alcohol-based burns. Instead, consider holding the glass a few inches away from the nose before sniffing it gently.

Add Water

No Scotchy can be served without water and ice cubes. Of course, the hardcore users will encourage you not to add water. To them, water can signal weakness. However, that’s not the case. Adding water will make your Scotch smoother. However, don’t add an excessive amount of water.


Go for older Scotch. Old means better. The older the scotch, the smoother it becomes. Thus, choose older scotch whiskey. Preferably, look for a 15 year old whisky.

The Bottom-Line

Popular among the elites, Single malt Scotch represents class and sophistication. Smooth, Single malt Scotch will make you fall in love with whiskey. Use the above tips to have the best experience when taking your Single malt Scotch.

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