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My Savvy Review Of The OURA Exfoliator ~ Sustainable Skincare At It’s Finest @ouragami_

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OURA for Ouragami. All opinions are 100% mine.

OURA Exfoliator

Sustainable, clean living in the past few years has become a major purchasing factor for me when purchasing products for myself and my family. We want to do our part to help save this beautiful planet which is why we have been working hard at doing our part to eliminating the use of plastics whenever possible. Not only are we eliminating plastics but we are also reducing the amount of paper products that we use and we are using plant based cleaning products that do not contains tons of harsh chemicals that are good for no one, including the planet. I am also looking into cleaner skincare as well as some of the skin care products contain ingredients that are no good for you, me or anyone which is why I jumped at the chance to work with OURA to have the opportunity to give their facial exfoliation a try as exfoliation is everything to me. My skin feels so amazing after a good exfoliation so when I found that OURA had an exfoliator that works beautifully at exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin with just water…..I jumped at the chance to try it and the best part is that their products are made right here in the USA!

OURA Exfoliator

First let me tell you a bit about OURA and what makes them special. OURA is a company that creates self-care products that infuse high-tech solutions into your everyday life. Not only that but OURA does does amazing things in terms of social good by granting the wish of a childhood cancer patient for every 1,000 products sold which is simply beautiful. I always love a brand that gives back and promotes good within the world and OURA does just that.

OURA is all about self-care and which is why they make the fabulous products that they do right here in the US. I love that they make reusable products for self-care as you are not tossing something into the garbage every time that you treat yourself to a facial exfoliation but rather the OURA Exfoliator is designed to be reused again and again. The current anti microbial fabric products on the market today use a spray coating that wears off in about 20 washes. OURA’s proprietary fabrics embed the naturally anti microbial elements directly into the fabric threads of their exfoliator and they have been tested to last for over 100 industrial washes which is huge!

OURA Exfoliator

OURA Exfoliator

Now let me tell you why the OURA Exfoliator is a much have item in your skincare arsenal. The OURA Exfoliator is a self-disinfecting exfoliator that rejuvenates the skin. It perfectly removes those dead skin cells as it cleans out your pores and sweeps away debris deeply and completely using only water. The dual-textured smart fiber pad is infused with copper oxide which works naturally to improve skin texture and which also provides a luminous glow. OURA Exfoliators are gentle enough for sensitive skin and rest assured that these special cleansing cloths are anti-bacterial; ultra-plush; self-sterilizing; sustainable; hypoallergenic; and anti-aging.

OURA Exfoliator

The OURA Exfoliator has become a staple in my self-care routine as I am obsessed with a good exfoliation. I am using this for my face and neck but it is also perfect for your the tops of your hands. OURA also has a body glove available for full body exfoliation which I will be picking up next for myself. Like the Exfoliator, the Hydro Glove creates a healthy glow on skin from head to toe. The Hydro Glove is antimicrobial and made of 100 percent cotton infused with copper to allow for gentle exfoliation for the entire body.

OURA Exfoliator

So what do you think of OURA and their fabulous line of sustainable self-care items that will help to keep your beauty routine simple and effective. What I love is that you get amazing beauty results with just water and this fabulous OURA Exfoliator. It is sustainable skin care at its finest which is huge for me. I also have to share that I love that OURA grants the wish of a childhood cancer patient with every 1,000 products sold so make sure to check out OURA today. Once there you will see all of the amazing products that they carry including this must have Exfoliator and make sure you check them out on social media as well to see what others think of their fabulous items perfect for self-care.


Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!



    I like the sound of this. I normally use cream exfoliators but this would probably last a lot longer. I love that they help a children’s cancer charity too x

  • jupiterhadley

    Oh wow, sounds like such a good product and it’s great that it is sustainable. I have a silicon exfoliator myself, but having sustainable options are so important.

  • Jasmine Martin

    This sounds like an amazing exfoliator. I definitely need this for my skin for sure. I’m going to check out the rest of Oura’s beauty products for sure.

  • Joyce

    Sounds like a great product! I never tried an exfoliator in the past because of the climate where I lived in. I think this one is a must try since its sustainable.

  • megan allen

    Skincare is so important and there are so many products to choose from. I have to say a good exfoliater makes all the difference! I must try this out for myself!

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