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Some Common Conditions When Physical Therapy Can Be Helpful

Alternative healthcare practices are constantly gaining popularity. And with more and more benefits of these therapeutic treatments and medicines being explored, they are to gain more popularity in the coming years.

There is no doubt that these procedures are beneficial, in combination with appropriate medicines, in maintaining regular fitness. Having said that one of the most popular and recommended alternative treatment is physical therapy.

As the name suggests, it involves physical exercises and postures that improve coordination amongst different body parts and organs. From the complete loss of body functions to paralytic attacks, physical therapy can help in almost every condition.

So, here are some of the most common conditions when you should be looking for physical therapy.

Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions

Musculoskeletal disorders are injuries to soft tissues including bones, ligaments, and tendons. If the Centres for Disease Control are to be believed, these disorders are one of the leading causes for people above the age of 50 facing disability. Additionally, it costs about $50 billion to US companies just to pay compensations for work-related musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

By far, physical therapy has been the most effective alternative treatment for musculoskeletal treatments. It helps to reduce the pain due to the disorder and also restoring normal muscle regeneration and functioning, offering dual benefits.

Neurological Conditions

Did you know one of the most common neurological disorders is paralysis? It leads to the complete loss of control over a part or complete body leading to disability in movement and sensation in the part.

Once again, physical therapy proves to be an effective treatment if used in combination with medicines. Certain exercises and postures can help regain control over the body part and restore normal functioning.

Sports Injuries

Sportspersons, especially athletes, are prone to frequent muscle tears. And it is needless to say that muscle tears are extremely painful. Although bandage and medicines can help relieve pain and bind the muscles once again, physical therapy can reduce the time taken for recovery, significantly. For example, according to Casey McNitt, clinic director of, a hip labral tear can take about four months to get back to full health with the right physical therapy. Whereas in the absence of physical therapy, it could take almost a year to total recovery.

Some of the common sports injuries that are treated with the help of physical therapy include muscle spasms and strains, concussions, and tennis elbow.

Cardiopulmonary Disorders

The number of cardiac attack and pulmonary disorder cases has witnessed a steep hike in the last decade. A major reason for this rise in number is the lack of physical activities in the modern lifestyle.

With the help of the right therapy, conditions like diabetes and irregular blood pressure can be cured. In fact, according to leading medical professionals, patients who used a combination of medicines and proper diet along with physical therapy have reported less fluctuation in their blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

These conditions are just the common ones, and the list of benefits is endless. So, if any of your closed ones are suffering from any of these conditions, make sure you refer physical therapy to them.

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