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My Savvy Review Of The John Boos Gourmet Block Maple End Grain Butcher Block Cart!

It is no secret to anyone that knows me… that my favorite room in my home is the kitchen. It is the spot that the entire family gathers throughout the day and it is my place for creating and cooking yummy meals for my family. We just bought a new home about a year ago… and we are doing some renovations to it but I love my kitchen with its rustic farmhouse design. It is older but so cozy and rustic and the perfect fit for our new mountain home. When I had the opportunity to review the John Boos Gourmet Block Maple End Grain Butcher Block Cart, I jumped at the chance as this beast is not only beautiful but it is also the perfect addition to my long galley style kitchen as I can roll right over to my stove area, anytime that I need it, to prep for my meals! It is the perfect addition to my farmhouse style kitchen and it is a piece that will last a lifetime with proper care. Let’s take a look at all of the features of this cart and why it is a must have for any and all kitchens.

John Boos

First… let me start off by sharing why I am a huge fan of John Boos and have been for years and years. The first reason is quite simple… they are made right here in the good old USA in Effingham, IL since 1887! In fact….John Boos & Co., based in Effingham, IL is one of the oldest manufacturers of premium quality foodservice equipment and butcher blocks in the U.S.A!  Boos has been in business continuously since 1887 and it was all started with Conrad Boos. It was in his Effingham, IL blacksmith shop that founder, Conrad Boos first invented what would become the original Boos Block®. Having harvested sycamore from local wooded areas, and processed it in his sawmill, Conrad brought it to his blacksmith shop for finishing. That first block of sycamore slab placed on three legs evolved with sheer purpose of a block to absorb the shock of this smith’s hammer against the anvil. It was the local butcher, who having seen and admired Conrad’s block, became impassioned about owning a block for his meat market. Unknowingly, Conrad’s son, John, who having made and sold that first block to the local butcher, took John Boos & Co. into the infancy of the 125 year reign of serving customers in the commercial market sector.

Check out this video about the craftsmanship and integrity that goes into every single John Boos & Co Product & the reason I love them:

Pretty cool right? I am in love and this John Boos Gourmet Block Maple End Grain Butcher Block Cart as it has been the absolute perfect addition to my kitchen. I keep it stored at the end of my kitchen counter and roll it in to use as needed for prepping meals and more. It is cool because it is a moveable countertop and butcher block for me all in one!

John Boos

The features of this amazing butcher block cart….

This beauty is made in the USA and has a 4 inch thick Maple End-Grain Butcher Block top with 3/8″ Bevel edges (45° angles) on block’s top and sides and that is massive and stunningly gorgeous! The size is 24″ x 24″ x 36″H which is perfect and lines up perfectly with my cabinetry in height and width. It comes with a slatted storage shelf on the bottom that you can use for storing large sized pots or you can add baskets for storage… whatever you want! The model I received has the rolling casters so that I can roll it around to use throughout my space but it is also available without the rolling casters if you prefer so that it can be used as a standing gourmet block. The wood surface comes with a Boos Board Cream finish and make sure to pick up the John Boos Cutting Board Care & Maintenance Set so that you can treat it and care for it whenever you need to. This will preserve the life of the piece and there is a more in depth look at the proper care and maintenance of all John Boos Cutting boards and Butcher Bocks below.


*4” thick maple end-grain butcher block

*3/8” Bevel edges (45° angles) on block’s top and sides

*24” x 24” x 36”H

*Slatted storage shelf

*Boos Board Cream finish

*Optional locking caster wheels

*Made in the USA

John Boos

I am loving this piece! The design is perfect and the piece provides you with an additional surface for preparing meals and more. It is a generous size and the 36 inch height is the ideal height for kitchen tasks. The 4 inch thick Maple Butcher Block top is made to take a beating…especially with the end-grain construction. You can pound, chop, slice, dice and more and all without fear of damaging this beautiful masterpiece! It is crafted from Northern Hard Rock Maple and crafted using the end-grain construction which is especially important in terms fo durability. The Maple is a sturdy hardwood that provides a light and neutral coloration that blends in any kitchen and any decor. The end-grain construction, which I explain the benefits of below, enhances the maple’s strength and showcases its beauty in that the surface of the block forms a checkerboard pattern which is really beautiful. This end-grain construction is a must have for cooks and chefs as it can take a beating and it is easy on your knives too. The Block’s Surface Comes Finished with Boos Board Cream that penetrates the grains of wood and leaves a silk-like barrier on the surface and this can be maintained by purchasing Boos Mystery Oil and/or Boos Board Cream.

John Boos

The base of this butcher block is beautiful and elegant too. It features four lightly tapered, square legs and a slatted storage shelf that is perfection for stowing frequently used kitchen tools, ingredients, appliances or even cookbooks. The caster wheels convert the piece so that you can move it around freely and they can be locked into position too. The casters, which I highly recommend this piece with them, provides you with a mobile storage cart, a butcher bock surface and a beautiful piece of furniture that will complement your kitchen beautifully.

The Benefits of End-Grain Construction versus Long Grain:

End Grain

end grain butcher block

Long Grain

Long Grain Cutting Board

When it comes to End Grain chopping blocks….. using end grain wood is the most labor-intensive material to use to create a cutting board, but it ages really nicely and it is also easy on your knives and will not wear them down as early as other surfaces will. When you cut on an end grain cutting board, the knife edge spreads the wood fibers apart on the hard surface. When the knife is removed, the fibers move back together and mend themselves. This results in less knife marks on the board and a board that will stay looking fabulous for years and years to come with proper care. This is completely the opposite of long grain boards as when you cut across long grain wood fibers, the fibers aren’t able to separate themselves and the pressure of the knife breaks the fibers which results in visible knife grooves in the board. This is why I am all about End Grain cutting boards and chopping blocks as end grain wood also creates the least amount of pressure on your knives and because the fibers of the wood are pointing upwards, the knife cuts into the fibers rather than across them. What you end up with is a sturdy cutting surface that will also not dull your knife blades. Add to that the fact that this butcher block cart is made with end grain construction…. means that you will have a strong and durable chopping block that will add richness and warmth to your kitchen space.

Now about that proper maintenance discussed above…..

John Boos & Co. Board Maintenance

Caring for your John Boos Board is super easy to do as you can simply hand wash and dry the board as needed. You will also want to apply John Boos & Co Mystery Oil regularly (more often in dry climates and especially when the board is new), and I can say I probably use the Mystery Oil once a month or whenever the wood is looking a bit dry. I also highly recommend using the John Boos Board Cream to seal the wood surface after applying the Mystery Oil. The blend of mineral oil and beeswax will keep the moisture in the wood and bacteria out. The oil penetrates deep in the wood and the beeswax leaves a silky, protective barrier. You can find everything that you will need to properly care for your John Boos & Co. cutting board or chopping block in the John Boos Cutting Board Care & Maintenance Set. This is worth the investment as it will ensure your boards are cared for and with proper care they will seriously last a lifetime.

So what do you think of John Boos & Co and this gorgeous John Boos Gourmet Block Maple End Grain Butcher Block Cart? It is the perfect addition to every kitchen and it is perfect for all of your chopping and cutting needs….. Plus it is made by John Boos & Co. right here in the USA in Effingham, Illinois by skilled craftspeople using time honored techniques. The final result is a stunning work of art each and every time. Check out John Boos & Co. online and visit them on social media too!

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Since 1887, John Boos & Co. has been handcrafting the finest butcher blocks, cutting boards, and countertops in the USA. Their craftsmen love and know wood and are experts in handcrafting American Hardwoods into top quality products of beauty, durability and function.

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