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My Savvy Review Of The Ella Bella Vanity Mirror

I am super excited to share my newest review with you all for the Ella Bella Vanity Mirror. My husband and I just bought a new home and I am working on getting everything moved in and set up to make it our own cozy amazing space. In my bedroom I have a space where our closets are and this vanity mirror is the perfect fit for the space. It looks perfect sitting on my table top in that room making it the perfect space for me to get dressed, sit and put on my makeup and to do my hair. The best part is the lighting ensures the perfect makeup application and so much more. Let’s take a look at the many things I am loving about the Ella Bella vanity mirror and why I am going to have to pick up another one for my daughter as she loves it too.

Ella Bella Vanity Mirror

The Ella Bella Vanity Mirror is a classic Hollywood mirror with lights. I just love it and love that this vanity mirror can be added to a table or desk to create the perfect vanity space and it allows you to try out and experiment with new looks with confidence as now you have the perfect lighting to do just that. This vanity mirror comes with built-in vanity lights that offer the perfect amount of illumination and that allows you to see everything clearly. It also has the option to hang the unit on the wall of you prefer which is pretty cool too.

Ella Bella Vanity Mirror

I also love the easy installation of the Ella Bella Vanity Mirror. The detachable base makes it a cinch to install and as I mentioned above it can be placed ‘as is’ out of the box with the base by placing directly on top of a dresser or table OR you can remove the detachable base and hang it on the wall making it an amazing space saver. I also love that there is a built in USB port on the side which allows you to charge your smartphone or other USB devices while getting ready. The mirror itself is powered by a standard AC adapter.

Ella Bella Magnification Mirrors

The Ella Bella Vanity Mirror also comes with magnification mirrors that can suction cup to the mirror when you need them plus a handy set of makeup brushes! The mirrors are perfect for plucking your eyebrows and so much more and you get two of them…a 5X magnification and a 10X magnification mirror. The soft light and illumination of the Ella Bella makeup mirror with lights enables you to see all of the soft contours of your face which makes it easier to apply makeup creams, lotions and more.The unique style ands beauty of the Ella Bella Vanity Mirror makes it perfect for anyone that loves to do makeup. It is also perfect as the various lighting modes ensure that your look is perfect for indoor and outdoor looks as it provides a ‘ natural light’ for the makeup application.

Ella Bella Vanity Mirror

Ella Bella Vanity Mirror

Ella Bella Vanity Makeup Mirror

I also love the adjustable mirror lights of the Ella Bella Vanity Makeup Mirror. This LED Makeup mirror has multiple brightness settings as well as multiple warmth settings to provide the perfect lighting for whatever you need. This lighted vanity mirror gives you the ability to check your makeup and outfit looks under multiple lighting conditions, giving you access to a wide array of options due to its multiple color temperatures.

So what do you think of the Ella Bella Makeup Vanity Mirror? Are you like me and love applying makeup and dressing up for anytime that you are out and about? Do you need the perfect makeup mirror to help you achieve your looks all while ensuring that your makeup is applied to look natural? Or maybe you know someone that loved to do makeup and that would love this fro themselves… well definitely check out this fabulous Ella Bella Vanity Mirror as it is so much cooler than I could have even expected and I love the LED lights as they are energy efficient too. Ella Bella is a beauty brand that you can trust as they back up this mirror with a 2 year warranty. I highly recommend it and it also makes the perfect gift for many on my gift giving list… so check it out today.

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