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My Savvy Review Of Spritz Hill Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sprays PLUS Save 20% For A Limited Time! @spritzhillaromatherapy

It is no secret that I love natural health and wellness products that assist me in feeling and living my best life each and every day and it is also no secret that I am a bit obsessive with strong fabulous scents as well. I sell Scentsy products as there is something special about a good smelling home but what about using scents that can also benefit you in terms of health and wellness? In comes Spritz Hill Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sprays. I am loving these sprays due to the fact that not only do they provide an amazing scent throughout the space that I use them, but they contain essential oils which are proven to improve a person’s health and/or mood. Essential oils have been used for this purpose for over 6,000 years and I am now beginning to love the benefits that they provide especially after trying these amazing Spritz Hill Aromatherapy Sprays.

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Aromatherapy is defined as the therapeutic application or the medicinal use of aromatic substances (essential oils) for holistic healing. Each of the various Spritz Hill Aromatherapy Sprays provides its own therapeutic use and I received five sprays to test and try and I am absolutely loving them all!  I received their Ripe & Final Orange Essential Oil Aromatherapy Spray, their Tangerine Tease Aromatherapy Spray, Lemon Squeezy Aromatherapy Spray, Fat & Juicy Aromatherapy Spray and their wonderful Vintage Lavender Aromatherapy Spray. Each of these wonderful scents are perfection for each and every room of my home and below I will touch on the health and wellness benefits of each and why I am loving them.

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Ripe & Final Orange Essential Oil Aromatherapy Spray

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The Spritz Hill Ripe & Orange Aromatherapy Spray is a fabulous spray and one that I love using in my home office while I am working. Orange is a cheerful, citrusy and sweet scent that will help you to relax and stay focused which is perfect for while I am working and the wonderful scent also helps to promote balance and it also aids in creativity which is something that I can always use.

Spritz Hill

You can use this reviving essential oil mist as a stimulating body spray which smells heavenly. Not only that…. but you can also spray to freshen your pillows, sheets, curtains and to spritz throughout your bedroom too. My home office is off of my bedroom… so I do use this fabulous scent throughout my bedroom and my home office and I am loving it as it is the perfect way to relax the body and mind. This wonderful scent is a clean mist infused with the very best in Orange essential oils and I absolutely love that Spritz Hill uses eco-friendly packaging via a recyclable aluminum bottle that helps to reduce their carbon footprint too. This spray is the perfect way to freshen and revive your surroundings and the minute I spritz this wonderful scent …. I am ready to rock my day. You can use any of these sprays anywhere too… think your car, your home, your camper… anywhere and everywhere!

Lemon Squeezey Aromatherapy Spray

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Spritz Hills Lemon Squeezy Aromatherapy Spray may be my favorite of them all. Lemon is know to uplift the mind and body all while helping to release negativity and promote a sense of joy. It helps to relieve the symptoms of stress and depression which is why I am loving this Lemon Squeezy Aromatherapy Spray because when I spritz this scent… I get happy instantly. I love using this in my living room area and even spritz this on my kitchen curtains in the morning as the scent gets me started of in a positive and happy, feel good mind set.

Spritz Hill

As with all Spritz Hill Aromatherapy Sprays, you can use this invigorating essential oil mist as a refreshing body spray, or you can use it to spritz and freshen your car interior, or even liven up your linens in your bathroom or spritz it all over your bed… pillows, sheets, curtains and room. This scent is the perfect way to relax your body and mind via the light, crisp and clean mist infused with Lemon Essential Oils. There is no better way to revitalize and recharge than with this Lemon Squeezy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Mist.

Fat & Juicy Grapefruit Aromatherapy Essential Oil Spray

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This Fat & Juicy Grapefruit Aromatherapy Spray from Spritz Hill is a close contender for me to the Lemon Squeezy scent. This is another fabulous scent that improves your mood all while refreshing, cooling and reviving your spirit. This scent is fabulous and I find myself using this in my car when I run my errands as I just cannot get enough of it. It is also fabulous to spritz on my outfit when I get dressed in the morning to go for a hike with my daughter.

Spritz Hill

Spritz Hill Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sprays are made with love and pure essential oils. They only use the best of ingredients to create each of these sprays…. pure essential oils, a natural solubilizer, and micro/uv filtered water all being housed in a recyclable aluminum bottle which lowers the brands carbon footprint and I just love this. I also love that Spritz Hill uses absolutely NO artificial ingredients.

Tangerine Tease Aromatherapy Spray

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The Spritz Hill Tangerine Tease Aromatherapy Spray is another wonderful scent that I cannot get enough of. Tangerine itself is a fresh, sweet citrus fragrance that provides a calming, centering effect that helps to promote awareness. You can use the soothing essential oils in this wonderful spray any way that you choose too. You can use this as a body spritz to get your day started off on the right foot…. or to freshen whatever room you need to. You can freshen your pillows and bed linens, your curtains, sofa, rugs…. even spritz this fabulous scent in your vehicle.

Spritz Hill

This spray is perfection in my husbands man cave room as he really likes the clean scent. He keeps it in there to spritz whenever he chooses and each spray provides a wonderful scent as this aromatherapy spray is infused with fabulous Tangerine essential oils that revitalize and recharge!

Vintage Lavender Aromatherapy Spray

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The Vintage Lavender Aromatherapy Spray is my daughters favorite. She loves spritzing this all over her bedroom and it is a fabulous scent for sure. Lavender is a beautiful, versatile aroma that promotes sleep and feelings of clarity and invites greater intuition as well. It is said to relieve headache and migraine symptoms. My daughter sprays this all over her linens and her area rug and curtains so that she can enjoy the therapeutic properties that these Lavender essential oils provide.

Spritz Hill

She loves the spray as it is a clean mist that is infused with Lavender essential oils. It freshens her room perfectly each time that she uses it and a little goes a long way with these sprays as they are so well made with the best of essential oils. She also likes that the brand reduces their carbon footprint due to their eco-friendly packaging.

So what do you think of these fabulous Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sprays from Spritz Hill? Are you like myself and looking for all natural health and wellness remedies that will help to uplift you mind, body and spirit? That is what these fabulous sprays will provide as they truly help to uplift my mood each and every day and I will be restocking when I run out as it has become part of my morning routine and the results have been positive. Check out Spritz Hill Today on Etsy to see their lineup of Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sprays plus you can see the fabulous reviews of what others think of these wonderful sprays as the reviews speak volumes and they are the reason I had to give their wonderful Aromatherapy Sprays a try. Made in the USA! Check them out today online and on social media!

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