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My Savvy Review Of ‘Our Cats Are Plotting To Kill Us’ By Author Jim Tilberry

Do you love to read like I do? Are you a fan of short, entertaining, funny books like myself? There is seriously nothing that I love more than a good book to read and it is the reason I wanted to share a new funny read that I stumbled upon and fell in love with and it is called ‘Our Cats Are Plotting To Kill Us‘. This wonderful book is from Author Jim Tilberry and I absolutely enjoyed his writing style and funny sense of humor that kept me entertained and engaged throughout. This book actually had me hooked once I got to reading it and I thoroughly enjoyed the short and captivating chapters that had me giggling due to the  Jim Tilberry’s witty writing style that made this book the blast to read that it was. I honestly knew once I read the title to this one, that I had to read this book as I am a cat lover through and through and I am always wondering what my cat could be thinking and this book takes that concept to a whole new level.

In ‘Our Cats Are Plotting To Kill Us‘ the main characters are Julie and Darryl, who are a married couple with two cats named Wendell and Oliver. The story starts off with Julie having had a nightmare that her cats tried to bury her alive in their litter box. She shares the story with her sister while at work the next day and confides that she feels that the cats are pissed off at her and that she desperately wants to know why. Her sister tells her about an animal physic that could help her to figure out what her cats are really thinking and Julie decides to give this communicator a try. By doing so, Julie finds out from the animal physic that the cats do indeed not like her and her husband because they do things that constantly piss them off and this had me laughing as a lot of the examples are things that I do with my own cat.

Julie now wants to figure out how she can change her cats minds and get them to like her and her husband but instead of continuing to pay for the physic’s services, she stumbles upon an app called Cat Chat that can translate her cats thoughts into English. The app was created by Elon Musk in his spare time so that he could find out if his two cats would like to fly to Mars someday. After he invented the app, he decided to make it available to cat lovers everywhere so that they too could find out what their cats were thinking. That alone had me hooked as I loved that the author somehow added in Elon Musk to the story and that he has any spare time at all with all that he does each and every day and with all of his businesses…..LOL.

Julie decides to give Cat Chat a try because she has a 30 day free trial and in each chapter of this book, Julie finds out more and more about what her cats are thinking. She also finds out some amazing stuff about her feline companions. She finds out that both Oliver and Wendell are exceptionally smart and that they philosophize about life, understand Spanish, and even know history and some pop culture. The cats also have hilarious “conversations” about every cat behavior from chasing mice to grooming to using the litter box and what’s more, the cat thoughts reveal that Julie and Darryl each have secret relationships that they’re hiding from each other!

In ‘Our Cats Are Trying To Kill Us‘ Julie and Darryl also discover a sinister side to their cats. It appears Oliver and Wendell are secretly scheming to murder their owners and now Julie and Darryl find themselves facing a crisis. Will they be able to stop these would-be killers in their tracks and possibly change their minds? OR can they uncover the murder plot before it happens? Or should they get rid of the cats before it’s too late? Seriously…. this book is a total blast to read and especially If you’re a cat owner like myself. This is a short, witty and funny book that you will not be able to put down….. and if you do not have cats, this is the perfect gift for your cat loving friends! Check out ‘Our Cats Are Plotting To Kill Us‘ Available on Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon and get to reading today! I absolutely love it and give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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