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My Savvy Review Of Happy Nuts NEW Refresher Spray in Original Scent!

I’m super excited to share the newest product from Happy Nuts that was just released and it’s called The Refresher ~ Original Scent! The Refresher is a spray-on deodorizing toner that totally neutralizes and soothes your man’s ‘private areas’ and body odor and it’s perfection for on-the-go. This refreshing spray uses soothing Witch Hazel to help keep your package cool and hydrated and it’s perfection for using after shaving, after showering and also after working out at the gym or working outdoors. To refresh your ‘package’ perfectly…. you simply spritz 1 to 2 sprays to freshen the area and it can be used anywhere…. your privates, body and feet. I absolutely love that Happy Nuts only uses all natural ingredients too as I am all about clean self-care and Happy Nuts provides just that for my husband. Let’s take a look at why your significant other needs this product and why Happy Nuts grooming essentials are the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

Odor Neutralizer

Happy Nuts The Refresher will keep your private parts feeling fresh, clean and comfortable. This is the perfect odor neutralizing spray that’s perfect to use after trimming, shaving, or cleansing and it does so much more than simply deodorize your private areas… it is also soothing and toning.

Cooling and Toning

The Refresher is the perfect way to keep your significant others private area smelling fresh and feeling cool. This deodorant spray doubles as a toner which leaves your privates and groin area feeling soothed and revitalized. It’s the ultimate body spray for men who want to take their intimate hygiene to the next level by keeping their private area fresh, cool and happy!

Natural Ingredients

I love that Happy Nuts only uses all natural ingredients in The Refresher! It’s infused with all natural ingredients like Witch Hazel and Chamomile Flower Extract, which not only deodorizes but that also soothes your private parts.

Versatile Use

The Refresher from Happy Nuts is a multi-purpose mens private part spray that can be used after a trimming session, after shaving, cleansing or simply as a daily refresh routine. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your privates, keeping your man feeling clean and confident all day long.

Travel Size

The Refresher from Happy Nuts is fabulous as it comes in a handy travel-friendly size, making it perfect for freshening up on the go. Whether your at the gym, on a business trip, or just out for the night with the guys or your special lady, Happy Nuts now has you covered with this must-have new product.

So what do you think of Happy Nuts and their new The Refresher in Original Scent?! Is this not the perfect way to ensure that that your guy can soothe their junk while on-the-go?! It’s truly a must have and my husband keeps a bottle in the bathroom for after a shaving session, after a shower and he also keeps a bottle in his gym bag so that he can freshen up after a workout or after a long days work at the construction site. He LOVES the soothing sensation the most and just enjoys it period and I highly recommend it! Check out all of the grooming essentials that Happy Nuts provides and give their new The Refresher in Original Scent a try today! Their products make the perfect gift too for your Husband, Son or Significant Other this Valentine’s Day! Check out Happy Nuts online and on social media today!

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