Motoring Costs: How To Put The Brakes On Your Spending


Cars are great, aren’t they? Need to get from A to B in a hurry? Get in the car. Want to take a road trip for your summer vacation? No worries, load up your car with your suitcases and family members and begin your journey. We all have to pass our driving test before we can do that though. I’ve heard that california dmv traffic school has a good reputation. Helping you be out on the road in no time.

Cars offer us both convenience and freedom, and so it’s no wonder so many of us regularly hop behind our wheels and take to the roads. However…

Despite the advantages our four-wheeled rides of joy offer us, there is one obvious downside. The cost! From fuel to repair costs, we do have to pay the price of driving. This is inevitable, but thankfully, there are ways to reduce the expenses we regularly face and help with keeping your car running smoothly.

Here are our tips for (and forgive the pun) putting the brakes on your spending.

#1: Don’t drive!


Seriously, if you don’t need to get behind the wheel then don’t!

If you only need to travel a short distance, why not walk? The exercise will be both good for your pocket and for your health. And if walking doesn’t fill you with joy and passion, then get on your bike, or follow a common trend these days, and consider nipping around on an electric scooter. Either way, the fresh air will do you good!

And when you’re commuting for work, consider car sharing. Whether you use your car or hitch a ride with a work buddy, you can halve the costs by sharing the expense. Alternatively, take the train or the bus, provided it is more cost-effective to do so.

When it comes to putting the brakes on your spending then, not using your car at all might be one of your best options. In some circumstances, at least.

#2: Drive efficiently

If you want to save money on fuel, don’t be a reckless driver!

For starters, stick to the speed limits. The faster you go, the greater your fuel consumption. So, not only will you be forced to fuel up more often, but you might also have to pay a fine on a speeding ticket. Ouch! If you are in a situation where the law has caught up to you and you have to answer for your speeding, you may want to know what to do if you get a speeding ticket. Usually, you will be issued a fine which you can pay but, in situations where you want to contest this, you may even want to get an attorney on-side to help you out.

And try to avoid sudden braking, as that can also waste your valuable fuel. If you know you need to come to a stop, slow down to a leisurely roll before you need to put the brakes on.

For your information, here are some more fuel-efficient driving techniques. So, the next time you’re out on the road, curb the temptation to play your James Bond or Mission Impossible soundtracks on your stereo, and replace them with classical or slow jazz, to ensure you remain a safe, sensible, and frugal driver.

#3: Shop around

As any frugal reader knows, it pays to shop around for EVERYTHING!

So, for your insurance and breakdown provider costs, make it a habit to compare prices online. You might not want to opt for the cheapest possible cover, as you might miss out on services that could prove helpful to you, such as a home start on your breakdown cover, so consider the types of policy that will benefit you the most. Then use a comparison site to net you the best deal possible for both your insurance and breakdown needs.

You should also consider shopping around when it comes to the garages you use. Rather than paying over the odds, to save money on your car service or annual inspection, ring around the garages in your area and ask for their prices. Be sure to use reputable garages too. To avoid getting ripped off by a greedy car mechanic, ask for recommendations from family or friends, or check for reviews online. After taking these steps to ensure honesty and quality, opt for the lowest charging garage to benefit your finances.

And to cut your expenses further, read our previous article for advice on saving money on your car service to save yourself a wad of cash.

#4: Be smart


We are, of course, talking about using your smartphone.

There is an app for everything these days, many of which are designed to help you save money, in all aspects of your life.

When it comes to driving, check out these apps to save money on fuel. They will point you to the nearest and cheapest gas stations, give you up to the minute traffic and accident alerts so you don’t have to waste fuel having to make a sudden detour, and in some instances, also offer you extra money-saving perks through their loyalty programs!

Then consider downloading a navigation app onto your phone. Especially useful for when you’re driving around unknown towns and states, these apps will help you take the shortest and most efficient route. You need never waste fuel or money through getting lost again!

Final word

So, if you’re sick and tired of your motoring costs, use the suggestions we have presented to you within this article. And if you have any ideas of your own, then please share them with us. Many of us love driving, but to ensure we don’t lose our four-wheeled passion, the less worries we have about our regular expenses, the better!


  • gloria patterson

    Lots of good information here for everyone. But depending on the area you live in how much of this you can do. My brother lives 20 miles out of town before he retired he drove that twice a day.

  • Donna

    Love these ideas. I would like to start walking to the stores close to where I live, when the weather permits. Biking around town sounds fun too!