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Hair Growth- How Does it Happen and Tips to Increase Its Speed?

To understand how you can improve hair growth, knowing the hair growth cycle is essential. Therefore, let us look at the process.

How does hair grow?

Most people commonly ask, how many hairs on human head? Well, we are born with 5 million hair follicles on our bodies. Out of them, 100,000 hair are present on our scalp. According to the experts, losing around 50-100 hair is entirely normal. 

Hair growth starts from the root of the hair follicles. The blood containing nutrients reaches the follicle and vitalizes it , therefore helping hair grow. As the hair keeps pushing through the scalp, it passes through an oil gland which adds softness and shine to the visible hair. 

Now that you know the process, let us talk about how we can improve the hair growth rate:

Tips to Improve hair growth

1. Do not take restrictive diets.

Though restrictive diets are in full swing, they are not a feasible choice for a person experiencing excessive hair loss. That is because restrictive diets lack the nutritional values necessary for the scalp to produce hair. 

As a result, the body stops producing hair and channelizes the use of nutrients for more essential functions to keep you going. Therefore, it is best to eat a balanced diet full of proteins, carbs, and fats. Ensure that you take at least 50 grams of protein every day.

2. Use natural oils

A good oil massage can provide much-needed moisture to the scalp. It helps in improving blood circulation, therefore vitalizing hair follicles. 

A study has shown how rosemary oil and minoxidil, a Rogaine ingredient, can equally cure androgenetic alopecia.  You can also use pumpkin seed oil, peppermint oil, and jojoba oil for faster hair growth. 

3. Use organic shampoos

Every day, we expose our hair to the sun’s UV rays, dust, debris, and wind that can dry up our scalp. 

Moreover, chemicals like sulfate in the shampoos can remove the scalp moisture making your hair look dull. Excessive shampooing can interfere with the formation of pH levels and natural oils.  

To remedy that, it is best to use natural shampoos. Apply the shampoo twice a week and wash your hair in lukewarm water to detoxify the scalp.

4. Apply a coffee conditioner

Though caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee are not suitable for hair growth, they can certainly act as leave-in conditioners. 

Coffee helps improve blood circulation and detoxifies the scalp. Caffeine can help prevent premature graying, hair thinning, and balding. As a result, your hair get thicker and shinier.

So, how do you prepare a coffee conditioner?

Take a spoon of coffee powder and add honey, yogurt, and olive oil. Mix it well and apply it to your hair. 

5. Use a low-level laser helmet.

Giving ample time to hair growth treatment is impossible for some working men and women. Therefore, they cannot fetch time out for massage, shampooing, oiling, and exercising. 

For them, a low-level laser helmet can be a great option. All they need to do is wear it for an hour, twice a week, and their hair growth will increase rapidly. 

Though there are many hair treatment myths around using this helmet as it emits photons, FDI has already approved this hair treatment device to be 100% safe for both men and women.  

Final Thoughts 

Hair growth largely depends upon your nutritional intake. To maintain shining and smooth hair, one needs to keep their scalp moisturized and nourished. 

Oiling, massaging, lazer helmets, eating healthy, and conditioning are ways to maintain high blood circulation in the scalp to keep it moisturized.