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Why should you visit Ireland during St. Patrick’s Day?

Ireland is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes, defined coastal strips, and prehistoric sites. It also has friendly people and world-class accommodations offering leisure facilities where one can enjoy sumptuous meals and fun cocktails such as the irish trash can, a fan favorite, especially during St. Patrick’s day. Apart from the above reasons, people should visit Ireland at least once in their lifetime on 17th March to celebrate the day. So, what makes the day so fun, and why should people visit the country on St Patrick’s Day?

Reasons why you should visit Ireland during St Patrick’s Day

Ireland honors Saint Patrick on March 17th every year because they believe he is responsible for ridding the snakes from the country.

Most visitors flock to the country during this day because of the following reasons:

1. Enjoy the week-long festivities

During the festival, many fun activities provide high-level entertainment to visitors. You will enjoy boat races, a lot of comedy, and theatre action. People who are fans of live music can meet and enjoy Irish musicians live on stage, treasure hunt, and participate in the parade.

2. Enjoy tasty cocktails

Ireland is known for Guinness and Jameson beer and whisky brands respectively, and many others. On St Patrick’s Day, you will enjoy an Irish trash can made of various alcohol brands and Red Bull to give it the green pop. Other alcohol drinks you may use to make cocktails are cider, whiskey, and wines. Irish beer is of high quality; and with good entertainment, you will enjoy the Irish beer and whiskey festival for at least two days. Green is the theme of the festival, and people attending must dress in green. Premise owners also decorate their buildings in green lights, and the cities look extremely beautiful at night. 

3. Enjoy fresh air and relaxation

One of the activities to mark the day is a walk in the footsteps of Saint Paddy. You will enjoy the scenery of the flock of sheep and breathe some fresh air in the countryside. With the cheerful people and spectacular scenes, you will enjoy more relaxation. Visiting Ireland around this time is ideal for people who wish to take a vacation to unwind. 

4. Good food and deserts

Enjoying the classic Irish food of corned beef and cabbage or preparing sweet treats with friends and family is an activity many people enjoy during the festival. Irish soda bread is a favorite snack in Ireland, and people enjoy eating lots of bread during the festival. For souvenirs and memoirs, you can participate in making easy crafts with the kids.

If you wish to visit Ireland during St Patrick’s Day, bear in mind the following tips to make your visit and stay more enjoyable:

· Carry cash to avoid long queues because most people pay for food and other services with a credit card.

· Plan to stay for more than a day because the festivities go on for almost a week

· Dress up, and remember a touch of green is a must in your dress code to be in sync with the celebration.

· Avoid waking up late on the day of the parade to witness the all-important parade.

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