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Make Your Home Cozier This Winter with These 6 Hacks

Are you looking to make your home a warm haven in time for the colder weather? Or perhaps looking for improvements that will last beyond the winter months and allow your home to be a permanently cozy retreat? Let these six tips help you.

Have Carpet Fitted

There’s nothing like something soft and warm under your feet. If your home is usually decked with hard, cold flooring, you may want to consider replacing this – at least in your main living area – to bring a warmer feel to your space. Carpet in warm colors such as neutral shades and brown will help for a cozier feeling in winter but also suitable for the brighter months, too. For your perfect carpet, try carpet wholesalers Charleston SC.

Consider Softer Lighting

With nights becoming longer and darkness falling a lot earlier during winter, you’re going to be making more use of your home’s lighting. With this in mind, you want to avoid harsh and bright overhead lights, especially those of a cold blue or white color. Instead, consider warmer bulbs, and also try using lamps instead of overhead lights. A well-placed lamp is perfect for a warm room you can comfortably relax in.

Replace Blinds with Curtains

Thick curtains are the perfect investment for blocking out the cold night and unappealing weather and creating a truly private retreat. Dressing your windows in thick fabrics makes any room feel a whole lot more comfortable, compared to cold wooden or metal blinds. Thick curtains can also serve to dress up the bare wall space around a window, meaning your room will feel more padded and comfortable rather than exposed.

For more of an impact, try warm and saturated colors.

Update Your Bedding

Where thin sheets might have been the go-to for keeping in cool in summer, you’ll want to update your bed to be as inviting as possible. Replace your thin sheets with a thick duvet, and consider using thick decorative throws and throw pillows to make your bed even more appealing: perfect for snuggling down when the rain is pounding against the windows. It wouldn’t hurt to slip a hot water bottle between the sheets, either!

Add Some Fabric to Your Couch

If you have a leather couch, this can be problematic in winter, where the cold leather might not be particularly inviting. Dress up your couch with thick, cozy throws and cushions to ensure that no part of your leather couch is left cold and exposed. You can also purchase couch slipcovers as a temporary fix for a non-fabric couch, and provide a warmer option.

Opt for Cozy Accessories

Winter is the perfect time for scented candles and seasonal decorations which will add a more homely touch to any room. This could include lanterns, picture frames, or holiday-themed decorations to add a cozy spark to your space. You could even grab some holiday-themed cushion covers or a patterned throw to add some seasonal magic to your cozy retreat.


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