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How Important Logistic Is to eCommerce

If you are in the business of e-commerce, then you may want to become familiar with logistics, especially if you do not have a storeroom to house the products and packages in. To do this, you will have to rely on the third-party logistics in Canada, with whom products can be stored and shipped more easily. And to make order tracking easier, many people employ all-in-one packages tracking site Tracktry, with most couriers worldwide included. Another site for bulk tracking several packages at one time: Ordertracking.

Before we learn about logistics, we need to know what IS logistics and how it helps. Logistics is the management of products, the way they’re stored, shipped, and delivered to different destinations. It needs some equipment for smooth operation that you can get from ground support equipment for sale. The planning of this work may vary from entity to entity, and the whole system is designed to achieve specific goals, so the order is made to work for a particular company.

If you go to the basics of Logistics, these are some of the steps of logistics management:

Locating and Identifying potential suppliers and distributors, a third party that will be willing to store your products in their facilities and then supply them to different destinations. You will need to see if they will be executing their task with effectiveness. If you own a small company, then it may not be necessary for you to work with too many parties to keep up with the demand, one supplier will suffice. If you work on a local level, then it will be better to work with local businesses for the shipment and storage of your products.

Logistics, if you are running a small business, they are not very difficult to understand. When a customer places the order, the transaction will trigger the inventory management software that will roll out the order.

This step may vary depending on the nature of your business and how you operate it. If you are running a website, all you have to do is to pack the product and mail it to the customers address, which will save you time and money by not hiring third party distributors or outsourcing the management of the warehouse. The other situation is that if you own a store that is open for business, you can do the same as a small office does; pack the product and send it to the waiting customer.

Now, if your operation is enormous and you have your online operation logistics, then you will have to synchronize the website with the third party that will be shipping and distributing the products. When you sync the site with the distributors whenever a customer buys a product; the distributors will pack the product and send it to the customer immediately via automatic recurring orders. With these problems out of your way, you can relax and work on other parts of the website. It is common practice for businesses to notify the customer with an email about the departure of the product and the tracking ID so that they can keep a tab on the package.

Tracking the Packages:

With the mass production and distribution of products at a rapid rate, logistics has become more complicated than ever before. The delivery of the products is mostly reliant on digital technology. Inventory management gives you an idea about the number of products that you have left in your inventory; it gives you real-time insight of your products so that you can meet the demands of the customers on time.

If you are using the services of package service companies, then you will be provided with a tracking number that you will then provide to the customer as well. When your product leaves for its destination, you will be able to keep a tab on it, and you will be able to know where the product is at any given time. It will be useful to give the tracking number to the buyers as well so that they can track the products they paid for.

The tracking IDs may vary from company to company, and there are specific formats that need to be learned to track the packages.

For example, for China Post, the format is as follows:

– For ePackets from China Post, “L” + 9 digits and then “CN” for example; L123456789CN

– For small registered packets, “R” + 9 numbers and then “CN” for instance; R123456789CN.

Different conditions come with the delivery of the packages and some guarantees. An example of that would be the time within which the package is promised to be delivered. If you have paid extra for quick delivery and made it a priority for the delivery services, then the package will be delivered to you earlier. Some delivery services promise to deliver within 24 hours.

There are other situations in which the package may be returned to the sender if can’t be fixed in time, incorrect or incomplete provided address, customs clearance failure, etc.

If you’re an online shopper, sometimes you may place orders from different online stores, in the West, Amazon and eBay are the most common; in Asia, Taobao, Lazada, etc.; in Latin, maybe AliExpress; in Africa, maybe Takealot, Kilimall, under this circumstance, a global parcel tracker is extremely helpful: or

The logistics play an essential role in the supply & demand of businesses nowadays, and it makes the delivery faster than ever before while still keeping everything organized. The eCommerce has built itself around the logistics, and the online shopping business would not have succeeded so much if it was not for the logistics. If you are running a business from home or a website, then you can rest at ease because of this organized system while the customers get an immediate response, keep track of their packages in the supply chain and get their parcels at their doorsteps.

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