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How to Send Long Distance Birthday Wishes

Most of us have friends who moved away which makes staying in touch so much tougher. Especially on this very special day of the year – their birthday, when you wish you could meet up and celebrate together. Luckily, the world of technology keeps coming up with ways of getting people closer together, even through physical distance. This compilation of the best birthday ideas for your long-distance friendships will help you make this day even more special this year. 

#1 Party Box

You are probably thinking: what is a party box? It is simply a box full of confetti, balloons, party hats, candles, and other party items you can think of. Assemble a box with a number of items that the birthday person would appreciate, decorate the box itself with glitter and fun stickers, add a note with a birthday wish, and mail it to your friend. 

#2 Birthday Photo Collage

A birthday picture collage is a great way to celebrate your friend’s birthday, especially, if you have a ton of photos together. Browse through your own and your friend’s social media accounts to collect photos, check your phone library, ask mutual friends to contribute as well, and make a fun collage. Whether you choose to create a physical or virtual photo collage, the most important thing is to gather the best images for it. 

#3 Birthday Video

Another fun birthday idea is to create a video compilation of the birthday wishes from friends and family. Contact all the close ones of the birthday person and ask them to record a short video of themselves with birthday wishes. Later, you can use one of the available video editing tools to edit and merge the clips and send the video to the birthday person on their special day.

#4 Virtual Party

The Covid-19 times taught us a new benefit of Skype and Zoom – throwing virtual parties. Prepare bright party invites, ask friends and family to buy party hats and balloons, organize the meeting online and send out the virtual invitations in advance. Don’t forget to plan the party a little, for example, think of a couple of games to play to entertain the guests. 

#5 Gift Certificate

Does your friend like jewelry? Or maybe books? Visit the homepage of the birthday person’s favorite place and ask them if they offer gift certificates. If you think they don’t, ask anyway. You will be surprised but more and more places start offering gift cards – museums, theaters, restaurants, book stores, clothing stores, and many others. Gift cards will go great with group ecards that multiple people can sign, online! The certificate can be sent via email or via post and personally delivered to your friend. 

#6 Birthday Countdown

A birthday countdown implies sending a birthday envelope or box every day of the week before your friend’s birthday. It is a very neat idea, however, it does require a lot of effort from your side. Prepare seven small boxes with candles, confetti, and birthday wishes or seven envelopes with cute funny notes and pictures. Begin one week before your friend’s birthday and send a new envelope or box every day. The Birthday countdown will make this special day even more exciting and desirable.  

#7 Birthday Cameo

The internet not only connects us with our loved ones but also with celebrities. You have maybe heard of a service called Cameo that allows you to get a birthday video from your friend’s favorite movie star or singer. The service works pretty straight-forward: get an account, choose the celebrity and send him or her a request. It should be concise and include information about the birthday person, his or her age, and your relationship. After the request has been completed, you will receive an email with heart-warming video wishes from the favorite celebrity that you can forward to your friend. 

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg – there are myriads of great ideas for long-distance birthday wishes. You can find more birthday gift ideas by visiting the Pinterest page with an extensive list of incredible options. Celebrating your friend’s birthday virtually might feel less personal and real than having an actual party, but you can still make it fun and fulfilling. Your friend will appreciate your efforts and remember this special long-distance present for many years.


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