Cotton Candy Express machine
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Make Any Celebration Extra Special & Fun With The Cotton Candy Express Machine!

With the Holidays right around the corner, I am busy planning for family gatherings throughout the season and also gifts for my family and friends. I love doing it a bit early so that I can actually enjoy the season instead of running around fro find the perfect gifts and also prepping for my family and friends gatherings all at the last minute. While doing my research for gift ideas, I stumbled upon a really cool gift idea or think of it as the perfect party activity from Hawaiian Shaved Ice and it is called the Cotton Candy Express Machine. When I was a kid there was nothing that I loved better when going to carnivals and fairs than yummy cotton candy and I know my kids and my nephews and nieces will feel the same. It is nostalgia at its finest and that is why I had to share it with you as it will be the perfect addition to your own celebrations and gatherings. Let’s take a look at how it works via this cool video…..

So much fun right!? I made a few batches for myself and when you order you can add on a Cotton Candy Fun Mix Pack which is a must. I got the Green Apple, Bubble Gum & Pina Colada flavor varieties and it came with some of the cones to get started.

Cotton Candy Express Machine

With the Cotton Candy Express Machine there is no need to wait for the next carnival, state fair, or festival to enjoy yummy fresh spun cotton candy and keep in mind that this machine makes the perfect gift idea for any household with kids and adults alike. Heck…when we first got the machine, my husband and I gave the machine a try and made a cone of each flavor. It was so much fun and the cotton candy was delicious!

This wonderful Cotton Candy Express Machine comes in two pretty colors, teal and pink and I chose the pink color. This wonderful machine will have you serving up delicious, yummy and sugary sweet cotton candy to all of you friends and family… anytime that you want!

Cotton Candy Express Machine

This cotton candy machine is super durable and easy to clean as well. The pieces to the unit come apart so that you can clean the various pieces separately and then thoroughly dry to put the unit back together. It is also important to note that the design is compact so that you can store it under a cabinet when not in use.

Cotton Candy Express Machine

Operating the Cotton Candy Express Machine is super easy too. They have a cool video (shown above) to show you how to collect the cotton candy webs and it is so easy that both kids (under adult supervision) and adults can use it. You simply plug it in…. let it warm up for 2 to 3 minutes and then turn it off until the middle piece stops spinning. Once it stops spinning you put a scoop of floss sugar into the center using the pink sugar floss scoop. Once you put the sugar in.. you turn it back on and within 30 to 45 seconds you will see the webs starting to form and then you simply move the cone back and forth horizontally while spinning the cone with you fingers as shown in the video above….. to make cotton candy.

Once you use this wonderful cotton candy making machine you will be hooked and looking for any reason to pull it out. You can also pair the Cotton Candy Express Machine with their Cotton Candy Express Sugars or any finely crushed candy that you have on hand to create delicious batches of cotton candy. Making the cotton candy is so much fun to do and my kids went nuts over it. I am actually going to buy some bags so that when I make batches of cotton candy,  I can fill them with the cotton candy to have on hand or to use when family and friends come over… already made, fresh and yummy!

So what do you think of the Cotton Candy Express Machine!? Are you like myself and enjoy taking a step back in time when enjoying yummy, nostalgic foods and candies from when we were kids…..things like yummy Cotton Candy?! With the Cotton Candy Express Machine you can do all that and share that fun with your own kids and even whip it out and impress your friends and family by making homemade batches of cotton candy before their eyes. Check out the Cotton candy Express Machine today and start enjoying fresh, yummy and sticky sweet cotton candy anytime that you want! It also makes a great gift for the Holidays too!

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