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Four Totally Safe and Timeless Toys for Creative Toddlers

Four Totally Safe and Timeless Toys for Creative Toddlers

Many parents find themselves stuck when it comes to choosing toys for their little ones.

On one hand, sometimes we’re bombarded with hordes of toys from friends and family with no end in sight. Because of this, it’s hard to decipher which toys are age appropriate and which aren’t.

On the flip side, some of the toys we do receive might not jive with our parenting style. For example, let’s say you’re worried about your kids’ interactions with screens and want to avoid any tech toys for now. Or let’s say your toddler is going through a phase where they want to eat everything in sight, meaning that anything with small pieces is likely out of the question.

Today’s parents shouldn’t have to scramble when it comes to finding toys that are safe and help to nurture the creative side of their children. If you’re concerned about your child’s physical and developmental well-being when it comes to toys and activities, consider these four timeless playtime options that’ll do the trick.


Smart Arts and Crafts

Believe it or not, there are ways for your child to enjoy arts and crafts without making a massive mess. If you’re worried about your kids coloring on the walls or making a mess with paint, my two favorite go-to arts and crafts activities to occupy my kids are stamps and Play Doh.

Seriously. My two-year-old loves to play with stamps, especially when he’s scrambling for something to do with his hands while watching television. I even break out special holiday stamps throughout the year which he absolutely adores. Since both stamps and paper are relatively inexpensive, it’s a great alternative to crayons and finger-paint.

Meanwhile, Play Doh is a good idea for toddlers who perhaps aren’t as privy to paint. Considering that Play Doh is non-toxic in case of ingestion and easy to clean in case of a mess, I recommend buying a few containers of your child’s favorite color.



If you’re wary of traditional action figures or other dolls with small pieces or strings, puppets are an awesome creative alternative that encourages imaginative playtime. From finger puppets and sock puppets to plastic dummies, I can’t tell you how many hours my son has spent telling stories back and forth with his puppets. They’re an especially fun way to get your toddler talking and practice their motor skills simultaneously.



Even if your kid isn’t going to be the next Mozart, mini guitars and digital drums are awesome for letting your little ones get all of their energy out. Simply make sure to look for models that don’t have actual strings or detachable parts. For example, bongo drums don’t require any extra pieces and let your kids use their hands. And once they’ve got a taste for music, and start to get a little older, you can head to to choose their very own first acoustic guitar.

Either way, be mindful of your child’s noise level as not to drive you or your neighbors crazy.



Encouraging your child to read may seem like a no-brainer; however, I can’t tell you how many parents I’ve run into that ignore the importance of a good book. To set a strong foundation for your child’s reading comprehension, make sure to have a variety of books around the house for them to turn to. From picture books to companion books for your child’s favorite television show, you’ll thank yourself down the road for encouraging the habit today.

Don’t stress out next time you pick out a new toy for your child. Simply consider any of these creative options as fair game and let your kids play with peace of mind.