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LET’S EXPLORE: OCEANS MEGA PACK ~ The ultimate underwater immersive adventure @letsexploreoceans

Let's Explore Virtual Reality Underwater Goggles

I am super excited to share a virtual product with you all that is an educational and fun experience for the kiddos and adults too! I am talking about the Let’s Explore Oceans Mega Pack which provides you with the ultimate underwater immersive adventure! Seriously this thing is super cool and loads of fun for me not to mention my God Daughter Scarlet who instantly fell in love. With Let’s Explore you dive into an immersive world of discovery and these ocean adventures are powered by your smartphone which is super cool. You literally feel like you are in the ocean swimming with the whales, sharks, sting rays and so much more.

Let's Explore Box

With the Let’s Explore Oceans Mega Pack you can explore, learn and discover the oceans like never before with amazing Virtual Reality adventures and thrilling AR experiences all…. powered by your smartphone! This immersive mega pack comes complete with VR Goggles and everything else that you will need to explore the oceans. Simply download the Let’s Explore app to your smartphone and grab the Holographic Explorer Cube that comes in the kit and your underwater journey will be about to begin. When you are swimming around with the whales or sharks via Virtual Reality… you can also snap pictures of your favorite shark or whale….and I think that is amazingly cool!

Let’s Explore is not just fun but it is also the perfect educational tool for both kids and adults alike. You can explore, learn and discover as if you were actually underwater. You will want to come back time and time again to re-experience these wonderful underwater adventures and you will want to show off this new virtual reality world to friends and family members too. In doing so…. the ability to both learn and retain information is taken to new levels, with many experts claiming ‘immersive learning’ the be the future of education.

Let's Explore Box

Everything you need to get started to get to learning is In the Let’s Explore Box. You get the VR Goggles, the Holographic Explorer Cube, a 36 page Hardback Book and a Quick Start Guide that is loaded with 16+ virtual experiences! Seriously… you will explore, learn and discover the oceans like never before with 16 amazing VR adventures & thrilling AR experiences powered by your smartphone. Think diving with the sharks, swimming with humpback whales, snorkeling with sting rays and more!

Let's Explore

So what do you think of the Let’s Explore: Oceans Mega Pack? You and your kids will explore, learn and discover the oceans like never before with this amazing kit and the best part… it is all powered by your smartphone! Check it out today for yourself and visit Let’s Explore online and on social media. There is no better time to pick this amazing educational tool up and you and the kiddos will love this and use it again and again. I have yet to check out all 16+ experiences so it is so worth ever penny! Snag the discount code below to save 20% Off!

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Let's Explore

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  • Julia L Shober

    My 9 year old is obsessed with the ocean and would love this! Thanks so much for the review!

  • Dawn Snow

    I would love to win the oceans Virtual Reality! I am fascinated by the ocean and all the creatures in it.

  • Lauryn R

    What an awesome virtual reality game! I think everyone would love to be able to explore the ocean, and feel like they are actually down there!

  • aaron r

    That’s really cool and a great gift idea for someone in my circle for sure. I don’t have kids but a lot of people I know or in my family have age appropriate ones.

  • Amy D

    I used to scuba dive several years ago, and really miss exploring the ocean. This virtual reality pack sounds amazing, and a great way for my daughters to learn about the ocean. Virtual reality is such a great educational tool for the future. My daughters may try to look for mermaids though, since they are obsessed with them right now. 🙂

  • megan allen

    How cool is this? My boys would go crazy over this! My oldest son will be having a birthday in a few weeks!

    • mcushing7

      It is really cool and I want it for myself…. but the kids were all over it so let them learn and enjoy 😉 Very cool and hope you enter to win!

  • Derrick Johnson

    This looks like an amazing adventure! I have two nieces that would really enjoy this!

  • wen budro

    This looks like an amazing fun and educational toy. Virtual reality makes things come to life for sure.

  • Michael Coovert

    This looks and sounds incredible. I would love to win this for my nephews and give it a try for myself.