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Last Minute Renovations to Invest in Before Winter for Your Home

We all want to be warm in winter. We want to be able to snuggle up with our loved ones, enjoy our time at home as the cold presses in from outside. We do not want to feel the bitter cold in our fingers and toes every morning, and we also don’t want to see that extortionately high energy bill that comes with heating an inefficient property.

That is why, if you haven’t already, you should quickly look into making these last-minute renovations so that you can enjoy a warmer, cozier, and more cost-effective winter this year.

Replace Your Windows

Double glazed windows are the go-to for insulation, but what you might not know is that their effectiveness is not forever. Double glazing is not efficient because there are two panes of glass; it is efficient because there is a non-toxic, non-harmful gas that is placed and sealed in-between these two panes of glass. It is this gas the works to keep heat from transferring between the outside and your home.

Older double glazing does not have this, and over time, the gas leaks out from windows. In short, your double glazing might not be doing the job you think it is, and it’s time to have them replaced.

Redo the Flooring

Unless you have the plushest carpet or heritage flooring, it’s time to redo it. There are so many great flooring options to choose from, but before you get excited, it’s important to do one thing first: insulate your floors. Far too often the under-tread is treated like an afterthought. By investing in insulation, or even adding heated floors, you can keep your home warmer and far cozier for winter regardless of whether you install carpets or want to dazzle with a stunning wood floor and beautiful area rug from Wood Floors of Farnham.

Add Window Treatments

Though new double glazing will help a lot with maintaining proper temperatures in your home, there is no harm in adding window treatments. Thick curtains should be closed after the sun sets to insulate your property even further, and opened during the day to let sunlight in to naturally warm the home even further.

Install Seamless Storage

Though seamless storage won’t work to improve the temperature of your home, it will help make it feel more spacious. Rather than having storage units that stick out and block out light or wall space, invest in seamless storage that uses the natural nooks of your home. By adding this storage, you can remove storage units and open up your property.

Considering how much time we typically spend indoors during the winter months, this will help make your home feel larger and less closed-in.

Bonus: The Fall Cleanout 

Spring cleaning can be done year-round, and if you are going to go through the effort to add storage to open up your home, you should also spend time de-cluttering. Clutter just takes up space and makes us feel buried in. De-cluttering will make your home feel larger, fresher, and more enjoyable to bed down in.


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