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How to Create an Eco Brand That Thrives

Now is the perfect time to take your love for all things healthy and transform it into a thriving business. More people are vegan than ever before, the conversation around sustainability is the highest it’s ever been, and the market for small business alternatives is at a peak.

To help you create an eco-brand that thrives, all you need to get started is to follow this guide.

Find a Niche You Can Do

First things first, you need to be realistic about what you can and cannot do. Not everyone can create an eco-friendly product, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make a thriving business. You could work with others to develop eco guides of the city or work to create a store that collects products from little businesses just like yours.

Build Up A Community Online

People are searching for eco brands, which makes it the ideal time to build up an online community. The secret to success here is specifically to be active in that community. You cannot expect engagement if you do not engage. Ask questions, engage with influencers, and respond to people on your own pages.

Be Willing to Accept Criticism and Grow

You will not be perfect. There will be others in the industry that have more experience and more wisdom. They will hopefully let you know where your business plan lacks. Don’t take this personally. Accept criticism and work to improve. You won’t always be able to do the best practice, but doing your best and working to improve is all you need to focus on right now.

Collaborate With Others in Your Area

Another way to improve your brand power is to collaborate. Work with other small businesses and form a symbiotic relationship that benefits and grows everyone’s bottom line. For example, if you operate a zero-waste store, creating partnerships with local producers is a great way to grow. Work with others to grow and solidify your company. Working with an eco-friendly brand like Polythene UK can be an amazing opportunity. They help businesses meet their packaging regulation obligations with eco-friendly products that are designed to break down naturally after use so there’s no need for them to be recycled.

Prepare for a Launch Event

Community is the key to your success, and hosting a launch event for your business is a great way to bring that community to you. It will raise awareness, boost sales, and solidify you within your demographic’s eyes.

Set Out Your Budget

By working collaboratively, you should be able to put together a budget. Increase that budget with sponsorships from other local businesses.

Find a Great Venue

A great venue is key. It needs to be where your demographic is, and in a place that is both impressive and versatile. If said demographic is East London, for example, then White Rabbit is a great choice for your launch event. You can rent it for longer and use it first for its photo studio, and then transform that room to a thriving launch event.

Event Highlights That are Great to Have






How to Follow Up On the Event

At the event, you should aim to get the emails of all the attendees. Provide them with a discount or even an affiliate link so that they can make money by advertising your products. Create an email campaign and build up a strong relationship with the attendees so that your business can grow organically and naturally.  

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  • Jeanine Bevacqua

    Great tips! There are lots of ideas for folks that want to start their own business. It takes a lot of hard work to make it happen but it’s definitely possible!