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Keep Your Towels Off Of The Floor With The Towel Guard From Grip Boss!

Keep Your Towels Off Of The Floor With The Towel Guard From Grip Boss!

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It is no secret to anyone that knows me that I love to cook and create delicious meals for my family and it is also no secret that I love to have the best culinary tools available to help me do just that. But what about the cleanup of the kitchen after you are done cooking? Are you like me and tired of watching your hand towels slip off of the handles on your stove or dishwasher? Frustrating right? And then once they fall… your towels are not clean anymore…. especially if you are like me with a house full of kids and pets that you are constantly cleaning up behind. This is the reason I am super excited to share a KickStarter campaign with you all for Towel Guards by Grip Boss!

They have come up with an clever solution that fixes this problem perfectly and that does not affect the look of your kitchen or bathroom all while not forcing you to purchase special towels or to hang towels in alternate locations. That is why they created their Towel Guards to be small and translucent and also movable and removable without the use of adhesives so there is never any mess. You simply slide these onto your towels bars in your bathroom or onto the handle on your oven door or your dishwasher and then hang your kitchen towel or hand towel on top and poof….. your towel stays in place while you are drying your hands and more!

Right now you can take advantage of their early bird pricing and help to fund the kickstart of this amazing product line at the same time! I ordered myself as there is nothing more frustrating than your towels not staying in place and I cannot wait to receive my two sets. Let’s take a look at their different types of towel guards as they have made sure to make the perfect Towel Guard for all shapes and sizes of handles and bars that you may find throughout your home……….

Towel Holder Types:





Pretty cool right? There truly is the perfect Towel Guard from Grip Boss to suit every home and I love that right now you can support this KickStarter campaign by ordering in advance and the Project Rewards Options right now are awesome! Oh….and I have to mention that delivery is scheduled for December so order now as these are the perfect stocking stuffer gift idea for the Holidays too!

So what do you thing of this amazing little invention? The Towel Guards from Grip Boss are ingenious right?? Seriously…every home can use these and the idea of not having my hand towels and kitchen towels falling onto the floor when I am using them…. gets me so so happy! I ordered (B1) two sets and you should order yours too….while they have the early bird pricing and everything you need to know about the process is on their Kickstarter page so check them out and begin enjoying towels that stay put!!!

Towel Guard – Keep your towels off the floor!

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