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With the kids home from school, you may be looking for free resources that will keep the kiddos occupied all while allowing them to play while learning which is why I am excited to share an online platform from that I found that is loaded with lots of fun and free to play Online Math Games. What I love the most about the Free Math Games available at is that all of their games are available via a free online arcade that opens in a new tab so that your child is not viewing anything that will distract them such as branding, navigation, ads or any other distracting elements. This provides them with a clean screen for playing and learning so that they are able to learn math while playing these fun math games.

There are more than 48+ Free Math Games available on so that there is the perfect fit for all including adults! We all have free time on our hands right now and what better way to pass the time than playing math games that will help to keep us sharp and on our toes? Especially for the kids since they are indefinitely home from school right now. Most of the games also have various difficulty levels so that there is always a challenge, no matter your skill set. Let’s take a look at a few of my kids favorites…..

Crazy Math Game

With the Crazy Math Game you quickly select the correct answer to an equation from 3 options. The game is fast-paced and starts with addition before moving on to subtraction, multiplication and mixing between all 3 options. This one was a blast for my middle age child and even for me. It is super easy to use and the screen is super clean and easy to follow and this is a medium level difficulty game.

Quick Math Practice

This is one of my kids favorites as it is challenging. I love this one too. The Quick Math Practice is just that… fast paced and super challenging and fun. To play… players type in the numbers to shoot monsters falling from the sky. This game is best played with a number pad on a keyboard or the touch screen as it is fast paced even at the normal / beginner level. Using a mouse with this game can be challenging as it is super fast and the mouse can be too slow to respond, especially when some of the numbers are negative. The beginner level only has numbers listed on each monster, but more difficult tiers add in math operators including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is. fun one that can be quite addictive.

Math Speed

This is an easier game to start and perfect for the younger kids. My little Scarlet liked Math Speed as she loved the little fox character The fox has 3 lives with each wrong answer or unanswered multiple choice answer leading to a lost life. This game is perfect for helping students to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Zombie Number

My little Scarlet wanted to try Zombie Number and I have to say this one is a lot of fun! With Zombie Number you can practice any of the 4 most common math operators individually or all of them as a group and you have to answer the questions correctly before the zombies get to you or your game ends and you lose. It was a blast and we truly enjoyed this one a lot!


If you are looking for a more challenging game, Mathematic is the game for you. It is a true or false math quiz game using the 4 most common operators. The symbol used for division in this game is : and some of the division answers can lead to long decimals which can take some time to verify, making the game somewhat challenging. This was lots of fun for e and my daughter in college and for anyone looking for a challenge…. this is it!

Grocery Cashier

My kids love playing like they are a checkout clerk so I knew that they would enjoy this math game. Grocery Cashier would have been my game of choice too as a kid for good reason. It is fun! This game familiarizes students with addition and making change on cash purchases. Shoppers can use gift certificates or cash to pay. If the gift certificate is larger than the order amount no change is given while change is given for cash payments above the order amount. Players must make change by clicking on bills and coins in the cash register. The following denominations are used $50, $10, $5, $1, 50¢, 10¢, 5¢, 1¢. Games are timed, so data must be entered quickly.

Master Sudoku

This was perfect for my oldest daughter. She loves Sodoku so I knew she would be all over this one. Master Sudoku offers hints and puzzle completion features along with the following difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, very hard, insane, inhuman. My daughter is up to very hard but is looking to move to insane and inhuman levels!

Plus so much more! Like I said…. I saw over 50 fun games for math and so much more while there so make sure you check them out and get the kids learning while playing with these super fun and totally free math games from! Visit them online today and check them out for yourself!

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