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It’s All in The Taste- How to become a Super Coffee Matchmaker?

Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee? The aroma, the taste, and the energy bring out the thrill in you. But not everyone can bring the barista in them. It’s about pairing it with the right flavor. You need to develop a tasting technique to become a master of finding the right beans. Aside from this It is also important to know the complete history of coffee

But how do you get started? Let’s start with the basics. 

Mindful Tasting is an Ideal Start

The rule is the same, whether you are tasting wine or coffee. Keep an eye on the aroma (of course, not in the literal sense). It means you need to smell it before the actual tasting process. Once you get the hang of the aroma, the next step is tasting the coffee. You must scan for acidity, sweetness, saltiness, or bitterness and the ideal balance between them in this step. 

You can follow Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel regularly updated by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the World Coffee Research Organization. So, whenever you put the beans in your mouth, make sure you focus on the process. That way, you can flicker memories whenever you will do it again. 

Regular Practise is The Key 

No one can become an expert until they do it continuously. In the same way, learning how to taste coffee is a continuous effort. Precisely, that’s why the phrase “practice makes a man/ woman perfect.” Like wine tasting, you don’t need to let it sit for a while to improve the flavor of your coffee. Although the coffee tasting trend is still new, if you want to explore different flavors, you can look for a coffee subscription to keep doing the obvious for better results. Usually, you can get a minimum of 3 samples to start with.

Pairing Flavors Starts With Tasting Components Separately 

Well! With pairing, there is usually no right or wrong answer. You need to taste the ingredients separately if you want to mix two flavors. The idea is to amplify the flavor, so using the components that will support each other must be your priority. 

For instance, if you add milk to coffee, it can cut the acidity of your coffee beans. So, you can combine white coffee beans with milk chocolate. There is also another way to get a flavorful coffee. Sometimes “opposites also support one another.” For instance, you can combine African coffee beans with a dessert such as chocolate cake to amplify the final results. 

Always remember, you must enjoy the outcome. And if you can’t, there is something wrong. 

Points to Remember 

Did you know that roasting brings the best flavors and aromas that are usually hidden inside “green coffee beans”? If you go for lighter roasted beans, the flavors would be rather intact. So, you can easily choose delicate or subtle tastes. 

With medium roasted beans, like African coffee beans, you’ll get a coffee with original flavor with a relatively heavier texture. And lastly, if you opt for dark roasted beans, you’ll get a bit of bitterness, heavier flavors since the process breaks down the sugars completely. 

Ideally, experts advise to use light or medium roasts for filter coffee. And go for darker roasts to prepare the perfect espresso. So, make sure to keep in mind the brewing method before choosing the different roast levels. 

Wrapping up

When it comes to bringing out the best taste, you can start eating a range of fruits or foods that will help you identify flavors in coffee to develop your preference. Cupping is a great way to develop your palate to choose the right coffee beans for you.

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